Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot Toys T2 Sarah Connor Review III

Having failed in her attempt to assassinate Miles Dyson (Joe Morton) from afar with her SR-16 M4 Stoner Assault Rifle (or Colt Commando CAR-15 carbine) - see previous post - Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) retrieves the Detonics 1911 custom pistol which she had taken from the armory in the Mohave desert and gets on with her mission to kill Dyson so as to prevent the events of Judgment Day from ever happening.

I really like the new muscle arms produced by Hot Toys for their MMS119 T2 Sarah Connor 1/6 scale collectible figure, seen here fully kitted out in her shades, tank top and enhanced tactical load bearing vest with four magazine pouches, tactical web belt with combat knife in sheath, military style pants and combat boots. The arms are well toned and very realistic :) 

The arms also have quite a fair bit of articulation as you can see from the pose she's holding and the other poses in the previous post where she is holding the Stoner assault rifle  (or Colt Commando CAR-15 carbine) in various positions, from firing from the hip to firing from the shoulder.

And here is Hot Toys T2 Sarah Connor female figure with her Remington 870 Police Combat Shotgun with Folding Stock, outfitted with a high-capacity magazine tube and spare shotshell holders. She had taken this weapon from the SWAT van.

The 1/6 scale Remington 870 Police Combat Shotgun by Hot Toys even comes with five removable shotgun shells which can be stored in the spare shotshell holders located on the folding stock

From his hiding place in the steel mill, John Connor hears his mother calling to him. He walks several steps and platforms over to her, to find her limping along the side of a wall. She asks for his help, but then a second Sarah appears behind her, armed with a shotgun. She tells John to get out of the way.

Sarah fires a volley of shots at the T-1000 disguised as Sarah Connor, which brings him staggering towards the edge of the platform, above one of the molten metal pools.


desmond said...

Good review and keep it up!!

alex teo said...

thanks desmond, i will ;p

Mark said...

Hey, I just recently stumbled across your blog - amazing stuff!
I was just wondering, are there any places you recoommend shopping for any of these? Websites and such?


alex teo said...

Hi Mark

You can try Sideshow Collectibles :) Just click on any of the banners on the right hand side - they have loads of stuff.

OR you can try Cotswold Collectibles

My favorite shop - The Falcon's Hangar


Anonymous said...

Dear Alex,
I have found myself to be a frequent buyer of 1/6 models due to your fantastic blogs . After looking at your review for the T2 T-800 I just had to buy it! However, after looking at this review I found myself wondering whether or not to buy this one due to the head sculpt not looking 100% like Sarah Connor (maybe it's just me!!!). Please could you tell me whether this is true value for money and worth a buy.

Many thanks,

alex teo said...

Hi Callum,
I hope you have been satisfied with your purchases and enjoying the 1/6 hobby and collection. There have been many people who have come out and say that Sarah is not as good as Arnie. It's true that Hot Toys sculpting of Sarah Connor's head / face is not as spot-on but it is still the best by far in terms of scale and quality. My only recommendation is to buy only if you really like it. If you have doubts, then maybe you should hold off first and think about it. You said yourself that you didn't have any doubts whatsoever when it came to the T2 T-800 so maybe this fem fig isn't for you. It is only true value for your money when you want to get it immediately, take it out of the box and examine / play with it. If you are on the fence, then it can't be value for money in your own eyes and therefore not worth to buy. That's my guide to myself and my two cents worth regarding this :) Hope it helps CHEERS

One Shot said...

Alex, I was wondering if you ever did a review on the Sarah Conner T-1000 in disguise figure? I have her and was looking to see if you ever did a review on her. Thanks buddy!

alex teo said...

Hi George, nope I didn't do a review of Sarah Conner T-1000 in disguise figure because I wasn't fond of the rooted hair and didn't get that particular figure CHEERS