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Marvel Comics Wolverine 1/6 scale Uniform / Costume and Equipment set for Captain Action

From the Fox (see my previous post of the Foxbox Studio God Complex: Inari 12-inch figure) to the Wolverine

This is the Captain Action 1/6 scale Wolverine Basic Outfit set for 12-inch figures by Round 2. SNIKT! Get ready for ferocious action with this classic Wolverine Costume set for Captain Action. The mutant X-Men character comes alive with mask, boots, gloves with claws, belt and the classic yellow & blue costume. The snarling scowl of the mask perfectly captures that early Wolverine "Best there is at what I do" attitude.

Avenger fans won't want to miss the Hawkeye mask included as the final element of the Assemble-An-Avenger promotion. Sculpted by Tim Bruckner, it brings that classic Kirby / Heck look to life! (text from Cotswold)

If you ever wondered how Hugh Jackman would look as Wolverine in the classic yellow & blue costume as seen originally in the Marvel comics, this toy blog post hopes to give you an answer :) I always wanted to see Hugh Jackman wearing the signature yellow spandex body suit highlighted with tiger stripes, blue gloves, trunks, shoulder pads and winged-boots with a red belt (This classic Wolverine costume would serve as the basis for most of Wolverine's future costumes). Now I know, all thanks to this Marvel Comics Wolverine 1/6 scale Uniform and Equipment set for Captain Action by Round 2! Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures :)

The packaging is nice. Its open display shows off the 1/6 scale Wolverine costume / outfit / uniform and equipment clearly, including the Hawkeye mask which is part of the final element of the Assemble-An-Avenger promotion. I like the Wolverine art drawn by John Bryne on the cover, especially since my first exposure to Wolverine and the new X-Men was through his art. It was love at first sight haha

The short description at the back of the box reads: Captain Action is the original superhero action figure and the master of disguise. Donning a costume of yellow and blue, the good Captain becomes the savage Wolverine! A mutant possessing heightened physical capabilities, animal-keen senses, and a healing factor that allows him to recover from virtually any wound. Additionally, the metal alloy, adamantium, has been grafted to his skeleton and is most evident in a set of metal claws in each hand that he can unleash with terrifying efficiency.

This 1/6 scale costume set, transforms Captain Action into the man who is the "best at what he does, and what he does is not pretty", Wolverine! The Captain Action costume set for Wolverine includes: cloth Wolverine costume, Wolverine mask, boots, belt, gloves with claws extended and bonus Hawkeye mask.

Check out the turnaround views of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine wearing the classic yellow and blue costume. The 1/6 scale Marvel Comics Wolverine costume is put onto a Hot Toys 12-inch TrueType Muscular body which was reviewed earlier HERE with the head switched to the 1/6 scale Hugh Jackman Wolverine head sculpt I found at the flea market recently (posted HERE wearing the "X-Men: The Last Stand" superhero costume / outfit)

The Round 2 Marvel Comics Wolverine 1/6 scale Uniform / Costume for Captain Action is nicely stitched with good details and fits the 12-inch figure body very well. The winged boots and gloves with claws are well done too. Not bad at all for something that only costs US$19.99 (you can check out the sites listed below to order)

Wolverine's original costume was seen in his first appearance in INCREDIBLE HULK #181 (1974) — a memorable three-way throw-down with the Hulk and Wendigo. Designed by John Romita Sr., the yellow and blue colors were chosen because it presented a new combination in comics. This costume also featured Logan's controversial "whiskers" mask, which contained thin lines above the mouth and very short "wings" above the cowl. Fun fact: Wolverine would not retract his adamantium claws even once during his first appearance, making the later reveal that his claws were a part of him and not his gloves all the more surprising.

When the decision to place Wolverine in the X-Men in GIANT SIZE X-MEN #1 came about, his original mask came as part of the package — an accident helped define his iconic look. After interior artist Dave Cockrum completed the issue, cover artist Gil Kane drew the new X-Man's mask with longer wings, colored black from the top down to his jaw line — eliminating the whiskers in the process — and filled the eye-holes with an eerie white. Cockrum loved the changes so much, he went back and redrew the mask throughout the entire issue, panel-by-panel. Over time, the redesigned mask combined with the blue and yellow bodysuit has become perhaps the character's most well-known look.

Wolverine's hands do not have openings for the claws to move through: they cut through his flesh every time he extrudes them, with occasional references implying that he feels a brief moment of slight pain in his hands when he unsheathes them. In the comics, Wolverine's claws came out from the top of his hand, as seen in the pictures here with the claws unleashed with his gloves on. In the movies, they come out in-between the knuckles.

Here's another look at Wolverine without his mask on

And this is supposed to be Captain Action wearing the Wolverine mask. Since I don't have a Captain Action figure, I just used the Hot Toys 12-inch TrueType Muscular body instead.

Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures of this Marvel Comics Wolverine 1/6 scale Uniform and Equipment set for Captain Action by Round 2! All for just US$19.99

Here's a comparison picture of the Captain Action Marvel Comics Wolverine 1/6 scale Uniform / Costume and Equipment set by Round 2 with the Medicom Toys 1/6 scale Real Action Heroes (RAH) X-Men Wolverine Figure. Captain Action Wolverine basic outfit set is sold at US$19.99 (check out the sites listed below) whereas the Medicom RAH X-Men Wolverine is going for US$179 to US$450 on e-bay. Which would you get?

You can order the Round 2 Marvel Comics Wolverine 1/6 scale Uniform / Superhero Costume and Equipment set for Captain Action from the following sites:
Big Bad Toy Store can be found HERE
Cotswold Collectibles Captain Action page HERE
Midtown Comics - check out their site HERE

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