Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TTL 1/6 Canvas Shoes For Male and Female Figures

Even 12-inch figures need shoes. Besides dress shoes and combat boots, what's a 12-inch tall guy / gal going to wear when they go out in their civvies? Unless you are a hobbit, you'll want to slip on some comfortable shoes before heading out the door. Well, TTL is going to offer 1/6 collectors a range of canvas shoes for 12-inch male or female figures, with 4 colors in each style: white, blue, black and red.

The TTL 1/6 scale Canvas Shoes For 12-inch tall Male and Female Figures seem to be pretty well produced (at least going by these prototype pictures) and fit rather well on these models (looks to be Hot Toys True Type 12-inch bodies).

Scroll down to see the whole range of 1/6 Canvas Shoes being offered by TTL, including 1/6 shoes for the gals too. A girl can't always be wearing high heels all the time, right?

These TTL 1/6 scale Canvas Shoes have a skull logo on them. Did the Punisher decide to market and sell shoes to fund his war on crime?

Gals just wanna have FUN! And comfortable shoes can play a big part in that too. Great for the casual day out in the sun look.

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PRE_ORDER is now up :) Check out the link at TFH (The Falcon's Hangar)!


D7ana said...

Now those are some cool sneakers. Kicks? Whatever ... and I love the photos of the action figures "chilling'."

You've inspired me yet again ;-D. I am thinking of putting together a post of sixth-scale sneakers. I will link back to this post, if I do that.

Thanks as usual for your wonderful photos and sharing exciting news about the playscale world.

alex teo said...

Hi D7ana, I cannot take credit for what is not mine. These pictures were released by the company that made the 1/6 scale shoes and I only re-posted them here to share with fellow bloggers / visitors :) You are most welcome to link back if you like CHEERS

One Shot said...

They look pretty cool if you ask me! I likes!

Lizz said...

Would love if you linked to where we could buy these online. :)

alex teo said...

Hi Lizz, here you go :)

When I first posted these pictures, pre-orders weren't up yet but now they are CHEERS