Friday, September 9, 2011

A is also for Azrael Batman

This is the Legends of Batman AZRAEL Batman Toy Action Figure by Kenner. Azrael, a brutal masked crime-fighter makes a name for himself in Gotham standing in for Batman while the Dark Knight heals from a crushing injury dished out by the terrifying Bane. Though he is new to the dangerous streets of the city he is swift to dole out his own brand of hard justice.

Azrael is the name given to the champions of at least two splinter groups of the Sacred Order of St. Dumas. The mantle of Azrael was passed down hereditary lines in the Order of St. Dumas for hundreds of years until the their final Azrael, Jean-Paul Valley destroyed that faction of the order. The name is from the traditional Angel of Death.

The character first appeared in the series Batman: Sword of Azrael, as Jean Paul Valley, in 1992. He then became a supporting character in the monthly Batman titles, eventually taking over the role of Batman through the Knightfall, Knightquest, and KnightsEnd story arcs.

Jean Paul Valley plays a pivotal role in the "Knightfall" story arc (1992–1994), in which he stands in as Batman after Bruce Wayne is defeated and paralyzed at the hands of Bane. Against Bruce Wayne's orders, Valley fights and defeats Bane, wearing an enhanced battle-armour he designed and built under the influence of the System.

Initially, Wayne is impressed enough with Valley's results to let him remain as Batman, but when Drake tells Wayne of Abattoir's death, he resolves to reclaim the Batman mantle. With his back repaired thanks to the sacrifice of Doctor Shondra Kinsolving, and his fighting instincts rehabilitated after lessons with Lady Shiva, Wayne goes after Valley to reclaim his identity. After a prolonged battle, stretching from a mobster's penthouse to Gotham Bridge before culminating in a final showdown in the Batcave, Valley is forced to remove his armour, subsequently departing Wayne Manor after acknowledging Bruce Wayne as the true Batman. [source: wiki]


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Greatness! I like the color scheme of this one- just posted about Azrael a few days ago- great minds think alike!

alex teo said...

indeed Colin :) me thinks so too!