Friday, September 23, 2011

B is also for Blight

In the animated series "Batman Beyond" also known as "Batman of the Future", Terry McGinnis adopted the identity of Batman in the future. Derek Powers was a powerful but corrupt businessman who in a freak accident was transformed into the villain Blight, the archenemy of the second Batman.

Derek Powers / Blight bears characteristics of both corporate villain Lex Luthor and DC Comics villain Doctor Phosphorus. Blight also bears some similarities to the Joker from the 1989 film Batman. Both were disfigured by chemicals by Batman, and the attempt to fix the injury caused by the chemicals also resulted in the creation of their new identities. Both characters also disguise their deformity by using a method to cover their skin to give a (relatively) normal appearance.

This was the 1999 Hasbro "Batman Beyond" Blight glow-in-the-dark 5-inch action figure. Derek Powers' radioactive condition was symptomatic of his exposure to the nerve gas and subsequent radiation treatment. His cellular structure was permanently imbued with the radiation that cured him, and thereafter his body glowed bright green, leaving his skin translucent.

His radiation could be contained with a special cosmetic skin devised by his medical staff, but every time Powers would lose control of his emotions, he would burn through the skin.

His very touch was lethal, and could burn through objects on contact. Powers soon learned how to concentrate his radiation into energy balls, which he then hurled at his opponents. Blight also seemed to be resistant to extreme cold as a shot from Mr. Freeze's ice gun could not keep him down.

This 5-inch figure was in line with all the other 5-inch action figures that I had been collecting from the various Batman animated series as well as the Justice League animated series (which I have been blogging on under the "A-Z" labels). Another reason for getting this was because this is a see-through figure and you know how much I like all these clear figures :)


Debs @ Vintage Action Figures said...

awesome figure - you've photographed him REALLY well to bring out the transparency!

alex teo said...

thank you Debs :)