Friday, September 16, 2011

Hot Toys 1:6 scale Iron Man One-of-a-kind Display Case

This is a Action Figure Display Stage to be released by Oribi Custom, designed specifically for Hot Toys Iron Man. Why? Because there are just so many Hot Toys 1:6 scale Iron Man 12-inch figures out there (Mark I armor to Mark VI with variants and battle-damaged version plus exclusives thrown in) that a company actually thinks it is worthwhile making and selling these specially designed display cases specifically for Hot Toys Iron Man figures! There are so many collectors out there who are eager to display all their Hot Toys Iron Man figures the way these armored figures are meant to be showcased.

The Oribi Custom Action Figure Display Stage Parts List: 2 x Side Wall (2 LED Bulbs included), Back Wall, Figure Clip, Semi-transparent Wall Edge, Background (8 LED Bulbs included), Ceiling, Base Cover, Base, Pegs (for Single Figure and also Multiple Figure Displays), Transformer (100v-240v), USB / DC Wire, Spare LED Bulbs. Hot Toys Iron Man Action Figures NOT included!

All it needs is a clear acrylic / perspex cover on the front to keep out the dust. I like that it is not battery operated as leaking batteries are a major pain and have been a recent discussion topic (see my post HERE and the 30+ comments that followed!)

Now this is a much better way to display all your Hot Toys Iron Man figures than to keep them sealed and wrapped inside their boxes, don't you think? Even if you are one of those who prefer to keep the figure inside the box (some people call them BOX collectors and not TOY collectors because they would rather look at the BOX than the TOY), just remember to REMOVE the batteries before they leak and damage the TOY!

I'm surprised Hot Toys didn't come up with this idea first. Their recent offering of the 1/6 suit-up gantry thingy is nice and all (pictures HERE) but it's going to need a lot of space to display that piece of "furniture".

These display cases on the other hand, seems to enhance the figure more instead of being a distraction.

It'll be most impressive when all the Hot Toys Iron Man figures are all lined up inside these cases!

Let's wait-and-see how much these are going to cost. Hopefully, not an arm or a leg!


Ben said...

Do they have a web site? I tried a google search and couldn't find anything.

alex teo said...

Hi Ben, these are just teaser pictures to spark interest. No Pre-orders are out yet and no website made available either. some of these companies prefer to deal direct with toy dealers. they sell their stuff to these dealers in bulk and let the dealers handle all the individual queries and stuff (packing and shipping individually etc).