Saturday, September 24, 2011

Veryhot: 1/6 scale Sniper version 3.0 PREVIEW

VeryHot is really working up quite a bit of sweat in the shops. They have just released pictures of their third Sniper uniform / outfit set they intend to release. This will be the Veryhot: Sniper version 3.0. It's going to be a sniper in MultiCam. From the pictures they released (see pictures below), it looks really good. The photography makes the figure looks 1:1 scale - because of the camouflage covering the face, the figure look so realistic! Just goes to show what good photography can do :)

MultiCam is a single camouflage pattern designed to help the wearer hide in varied environments, seasons, elevations, and light conditions. It is a 7-color, multi-environment camouflage pattern developed by Crye Associates in conjunction with U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center.

The pattern was on the race to replace the 3-color desert and Woodland patterns, and originally lost to the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) in 2004, seen in the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). However, it has been newly commissioned in 2010 and will be replacing the UCP pattern over time for use by US Army Units serving in Afghanistan, Under the Designation OCP or Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern.

It is already used by some American Special Operations units and law enforcement agencies. The US Army has recently approved the use of MultiCam for the 173rd Airborne Brigade deployed to Afghanistan.

VeryHot MultiCam looks to be a whole lot greener than other MultiCam uniform sets in the market so it's okay if you're only using the VeryHot set but not if you want to mix and match MultiCam BDUs. I find that this VeryHot MultiCam color and pattern looks more like Woodlands camouflage than MultiCam. MultiCam tends to look more brown than green.

MultiCam has background colors of a brown to light-tan gradient and lime green blending in between, the main part consist of green to yellowish green gradient and finally dark brown and light pinkish blotches spread throughout the pattern. This allows for the overall appearance to change from greenish to brownish in different areas of the fabric, while having smaller blotches to break up the bigger background areas.

MultiCam hides volume and form by tricking the human eye's perception of color. MultiCam allows the object it covers to blend into the background with the camo pattern.

As usual, the boots issued by VeryHot leaves much to be desired :( It's okay when your figure is in the bushes / grass and his footwear is obscured from view but one-color molded boots should be a thing of the past.

Do note that this VeryHot: 1/6 scale Sniper version 3.0 outfit set does not include the 12-inch figure, only the BDUs (sniper outfit) and some accessories. Main weapon (sniper rifle) and sidearm are also included, along with the binoculars.

For most of us, the word "sniper" evokes some unsettling imagery -- a lone gunman, undetectable, on the hunt. And while military snipers are indeed elite shooters who hide, line up a target in their sights and pull the trigger, there is a lot more to it than that.

These highly skilled marksmen are often perceived as lone assassins racking up "confirmed kills." In reality, true snipers work for the military and law enforcement agencies and are far more concerned with the number of lives they save than with the ones they take.

Because of the nature of their missions, snipers travel with very little gear, patiently moving under the cover of brush or night. But they never travel alone. Snipers teams often have to stay completely still for hours or days at a time to avoid detection, waiting for the right moment to take the shot.

A sniper team consists of a sniper and a spotter. The two-man team offers many advantages over the deployment of a lone sniper in the field. The spotter carries his own special scope that is much more powerful than the scope on a sniper rifle. The spotter uses his scope to help the sniper observe objectives and set up the shot. The two soldiers work together to get to the objective safely and discreetly and then set up a position.

Isn't it time some 1/6 manufacturer release sniper sets with the spotter scope as well so that a proper two-man sniper team can be produced? In so many shows we see and books we read, the sniper rarely works ALONE! So let's make this right. Give us the spotter too.

Snipers are what military strategists refer to as force multipliers. Simply put, a force multiplier is an individual or small team that, through the use of special tactics, can do the damage of a much larger force. What's amazing about snipers is that they are capable of force multiplication without ever directly engaging the enemy.


One Shot said...

I have to score one of these sets. I usually do not care for the VHT stuff as it's cheaper quality once you take it out and put it together...with that said I still would LOVE to snap pictures of him outdoors. I could make it LOOK GOOD!

alex teo said...

I know you'll make this look GREAT, george :) after all, you ARE "one shot"!

Anonymous said...

how durable is ther stuff in all?

alex teo said...

it's not about durability but quality. sometimes the parts are not well assembled and put together so that the moment you try using them, they fall apart e.g. straps and buckles. it's not easy to re-stitch these things :(

Anonymous said...

like trying to put the pouches on the vests and stuff the straps holding on will brake?

alex teo said...

sometimes yes; maybe they have improved their quality but i haven't bought their stuff recently so wouldn't know CHEERS

Anonymous said...

lets hope they have