Friday, March 16, 2012

Gremlings figurines from Toymania

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If you grew up watching the Gremlings movies this is a real treat for you. Toymania released a series of figurines based on the movies and they look great!

The figures are based on the main characters, but also taken from a specific scene. One really cool one is the “poker player” Gremling. This character comes with some cards that you can put behind his ear and you also get some poker chips to go along as well.

The characters are around 6 inch and very rich in terms of details. Most of them are also very flexible and you can twist and turn as you like.


Ryan Walsh said...

The movie itself inspired my devilish child in me when i was a young bastard

Jason said...

I thought that NECA had this license. But they look very well made. And the name of the movie is Gremlins.