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Final Review: InFlames HeadPlay 1/6 scale Metal Boss 12" Action Figure in Camouflaged BDUs

In this post, we see the InFlames and HeadPlay 1/6th scale Metal Boss 12-inch Collectible Figure BDU Version wearing the other uniform that comes with this set: it is the camouflaged version BDU (Battle Dress Uniform).

I've seen all the camouflage clothing available for Naked Snake to obtain in order for him to blend into his immediate environment on Metal Gear Wiki including MGS3 Boss Camouflage such as Animal (A mixture of patterns commonly seen in wild animals such as zebra stripes, jaguar spots, tiger stripes, and giraffe spots), Spirit (Dark blue, gray and black spotted camouflage), Moss (Very dark green rippled camouflage for grassy areas), Spider (Light and dark yellowish-brown camouflage with dark streaks), Hornet Stripe (Bright orange, yellow and black drapped camouflage), Fire (Dark red and orange camouflage with dark areas), Cold War (Uniform that features the Soviet flag on the front, and the American flag on the back), Snake (Light gray and dull bluish pattern resembling the camouflage pattern of a snake) but nothing matches the camouflage uniform included as an extra with this InFlames and HeadPlay 1/6 scale Metal Boss 12-inch Collectible Figure BDU Version.

Besides the MGS3 Boss Camouflage, there are also MGS3 Uniforms such as Tiger Stripe Camouflage (Green and dark striped camouflage that mimics the tiger's stripes), Tree Bark Camouflage (Dark brown Camouflage that provides cover when standing against trees), Leaf Camouflage (light green and brown blotches pattern, provides excellent cover in bush areas and possibly trees), Squares Camouflage (A mountain camouflage that resembles a mess of black and rusty red squares resembling brick compounds), Black Camouflage (Jet black uniform), Raindrop Camouflage (Watery blue camouflage with orange spots and numerous small blue vertical lines resembling rainfall), Chocolate Chip Camouflage (6-Color Desert is the official name) – Desert based tan uniform with many small brown and white spots hence the name, Splitter Camouflage (Bluish gray camouflage with large jagged brown shapes that provides cover in urban areas, especially those with steel or stone backgrounds), Snow Camouflage (Bleak White camouflage with green blotches), Fly Camouflage (Dust colored uniform with many small pictures of bull feces), GA-KO (Yellowish white uniform with many pictures of little duckling faces and yellow happy faces), Water (Blue uniform with many streaks of white to resemble the ripples of the surface of a pool of water), Banana Camouflage (Lime green uniform with many pictures of bananas), Sneaking Suit (Experimental black and orange suit developed by the Soviets) and there are still some more Downloadable Camouflage!

I don't think there's any camouflage pattern from the video game that has any resemblance to the particular camouflage pattern produced and released by InFlames and HeadPlay. We'll just have to call this one a league of its own, a camouflage pattern like no other. I don't think any such camouflage pattern exists in the real world i.e. 1:1 scale but then again, I'm NOT the authority on this subject haha

InFlames and HeadPlay 1/6th scale Metal Boss (MGS3 Naked Snake) 12-inch Collectible Figure BDU Version is wearing his Black Bodysuit which is actually a prototype Sneaking Suit (seen in much greater detail in the last review) under the Camouflaged Jungle Fatigues (which has the basic template as the tropical combat uniform / OD Green BDU issued to US troops for the war in Vietnam in the 1960s), OD STABO Rig, M-1956 Load-Carrying Equipment (LCE) with two M-14 ammo pouches (also used for 30-round M-16 magazines), two 1-quart canteens with canteen covers and the field pack / butt pack, and Cloth Jungle Boots.

Metal Boss (BDU version) / Naked Snake also has two Black Shoulder Pauldrons and Black Kneepad

Metal Boss (MGS3 Naked Snake) comes armed with KA-BAR fighting / combat knife with leather sheath, Tactical Knife with Sheath, M16 Rifle with removable 30-round magazine (shown in the earlier post), US SOCOM Pistol with removable magazine, silencer and light attachment which can be carried in the thigh cloth holster.

For the silent kills, Naked Snake opts for the Heckler & Koch MK23 USSOCOM semi-automatic pistol with laser aiming module (LAM) and suppressor.

Metal Boss (MGS3 Naked Snake) also relies on his Tactical Knife for his stealth strike

In the "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" video game, after numerous encounters with the elite Ocelot Unit (led by a young Ocelot), and defeating nearly every member of Cobra Unit, Snake succeeds in locating Sokolov (a defecting Soviet scientist) and the stolen "Shagohod" (an advanced nuclear-equipped tank), only to be captured in Colonel Volgin's military fortress, Groznyj Grad. After listening to Volgin brutally beat Sokolov to death, Snake is tortured and has his eye shot out while protecting EVA (ex-NSA agent) from Ocelot's bullet; Snake ultimately escapes.

One eye or two, Naked Snake still gets the job done!

Close-up pictures of the InFlames and HeadPlay 1/6th scale Metal Boss head sculpt with eye patch over his right eye.

In the years before advanced medicine and surgery, eyepatches were common. They were particularly prevalent among members of dangerous occupations, such as blacksmiths who used them to cover one eye for protection from sparks while working. Sailors would also wear them over one eye above deck and then switch it over in order to be able to see in the dark below deck.

It has been speculated that sailors who often went above and below deck might have used an eye patch to keep one eye adjusted to the darkness below decks. The strong sunlight while above deck on an oceangoing vessel could require minutes of adaptation to the dim lighting below deck. With virtually no light sources below deck, sailors would have to rely heavily upon their eyes to adjust. In the critical moments of modifying the rigging, navigating, and especially during battle, those minutes were too precious. A simple switch of the patch from one eye to the other might have saved time when going between decks.

Although this usage of the eyepatch is not supported by any historical records, it was tested during the MythBusters Pirate Special and found to be plausible.

Close-up shots / pictures taken of InFlames and HeadPlay 1/6th scale Metal Boss 12-inch Collectible Figure wearing the camouflaged BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) and eye-patch.

Like I mentioned before, this InFlames / HeadPlay Metal Boss figure is armed with a much later issued USSOCOM Mk23 pistol (late 1990s) while wearing uniform and gear that is from the 1960s. It is here where it differs from the Naked Snake character in the "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" video game. To see the official MGS3 Naked Snake 12-inch figure, check out my post HERE :)

Here are close-up pictures of the InFlames and HeadPlay 1/6th scale camouflaged uniform worn by Metal Boss (BDU version). It's an interesting pattern and like nothing I've seen before which makes it rather unique.

The camouflaged pattern on the pants is consistent with the top. The cutting of the uniform is exactly the same as that of the tropical combat uniform issued to US troops for the war in Vietnam in the 1960s

A close-up of the highly detailed and well made 1/6th scale jungle boots that come with the InFlames and HeadPlay 1/6th scale Metal Boss 12-inch figure (BDU version)

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Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic review. Very detailed. I appreciate you pointing out the inaccuracies and anachronisms of this one (like the pistol he holds and how it's not a 60's issued one). I've got this figure as well and despite all the nuances, I'm rather pleased by how it looks (even if it's not a licensed version). Sits on my shelf quite nicely, waiting for his eventual companions Hot Toys Naked Snake and The Boss.

alex teo said...

thank you :) i'm also very pleased with this release, barring all the inaccuracies. it's a very well made figure and not expensive either. the battle armor version looks even better ;p

Ichak said...

hi Alex, i'm newbie for 1/6 figure
can you help me? just wanna ask you something about this inflames 1/6 figure. can i used parts from HT to Inflames 1/6? thx before :)

alex teo said...

Hi Ichak,
Welcome to the world of 1/6 :) If both figures are 1/6 scale, the items should be interchangeable. I cannot be more sure because I do not have the Hot Toys MGS figure so am not able to properly comment. CHEERS

Ichak said...

hmm, so the scale is the basic problem, right? got it. btw, great reviews pal. salute :)

alex teo said...

Yup Ichak, scale is the key. Hot Toys and Inflames look to be of the same scale and size. Medicom Toys figures are much smaller even though they are supposed to be 1/6 scale and that means most of their stuff will be too small to fit on other 1/6 scale bodies. Worse, for all their negative issues, they are expensive.

Ichak said...

ok. maybe i'll try using HT's parts first. thanks a lot pal. have a great Holidays there. Ciao :)

alex teo said...

You are most welcome Ichak :) Happy Holidays to you too. CHEERS