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Review III: 1/6 scale Metal Boss BDU version 12-inch Figure by InFlames and HeadPlay

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So what does the InFlames and HeadPlay 1/6th scale Metal Boss 12-inch Collectible Figure wear under his OD (Olive Drab) Jungle Fatigues (which is the tropical combat uniform issued to US troops for the war in Vietnam in the 1960s)? What does the black body suit look like? It's time to find out :)

This InFlames and HeadPlay 1/6 scale Metal Boss figure has every intention to be the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater "Naked Snake" character from the video game and does not really hide from it. The 12-inch figure's appearance in terms of head sculpt and attire plus most of his gear, accessories and weapons are almost identical to that which is seen in the game.

The tropical combat uniform (designed in 1962) was ideally suited to Vietnam because it was both lightweight and quick drying. The new design (amended in 1965) concealed the buttons of all four cargo pockets behind flaps, which successfully alleviated the snagging problem that affected the original model.

The rapid deterioration (4 – 5 weeks) of the stitching on the sole of the conventional Tropical Combat Boot in the jungle environment of Vietnam led to the development of the Direct Moulded Sole. The DMS jungle boot was first issued to Special Forces in Southeast Asia in August 1960 and featured leather and nylon duck uppers vulcanized directly on to Vibram pattern outsoles, which had originally been designed for mountaineering. The Inflames and HeadPlay 1/6th scale Metal Boss jungle boots are very well made and looks almost like the real thing :)

In the "Metal Gear Solid" video game, Sneaking Suits are special military wear created with electronic weaving technology using optical fibers. By clinging tightly to the wearer's body, the suit provides protection and boosts strength. The earliest known Sneaking Suits were developed by the Soviet Union in the early 1960s. A white prototype was worn by The Boss during Operation Snake Eater, after she had defected to the Soviet Union, resembling an astronaut suit and also containing a gray knee brace on the right knee.

A second prototype, in black, was uncovered by FOX operative Naked Snake in the weapons lab of Groznyj Grad, Tselinoyarsk. The suit was made of a special bulletproof fiber and provided effective heat and moisture insulation, reducing both injury and stamina loss for the wearer.

The Sneaking Suit was later reverse engineered in America, after it was bought back from Tselinoyarsk by Naked Snake. Created from aromatic polyamide, the suit became the standard issue uniform of Unit FOX, known as the Close Quarters Combat Enhancer Suit. Along with its protective features it was also designed to improve the wearer's performance in hand-to-hand combat. It can be assumed that the 1/6 scale black body suit the InFlames / HeadPlay Metal Boss 12-inch figure wears is the 2nd prototype Sneaking Suit.

The AR-15 was first adopted in 1962 by the United States Air Force, ultimately receiving the designation M16. The U.S. Army began to field the XM16E1 en masse in 1965 with most of them going to the Republic of Vietnam, and the newly organized and experimental Airmobile Divisions, the 1st Air Cavalry Division in particular.

The XM16E1 was standardized as the M16A1 in 1967. This version remained the primary infantry rifle of U.S. forces in South Vietnam until the end of the war in 1975, and remained with all U.S. military ground forces after it had replaced the M14 service rifle in 1970 in CONUS, Europe (Germany), and South Korea; when it was supplemented by the M16A2.

Scroll down for more turnaround views of this InFlames and HeadPlay 1/6th scale Metal Boss 12-inch Collectible Figure in his black Sneaking Suit.

Unfortunately, because the suit is designed to be tight and figure hugging / clinging, it restricts the movement and articulation of this 12-inch figure.

The arms of this figure cannot be raised above his shoulders because of the tightness of the suit and the legs cannot be spread wider or bent further because of the limitations in the movement of the lower limbs due to the suit's restrictive properties.

In addition to the tight suit worn by the InFlames and HeadPlay 1/6th scale Metal Boss 12-inch Collectible Figure, there are additional black leather-like sleeves worn over the lower arms and elbows, further limiting movements

In the following close-up pictures, you can see where the extra black leather-like sleeves go over the lower arms, not allowing the figure to bend the elbows any further due to the thickness of the extra garments.

I didn't like the extra "sleeves" at all...

so I removed them!

Now this InFlames and HeadPlay 1/6th scale Metal Boss 12-inch Collectible Figure (BDU version) can enjoy a little bit more articulation in his arms, especially at his elbows.

Here you can see close-ups of his Heckler & Koch MK23 Mod 0 USSOCOM semi-automatic pistol, with removable laser aiming module (LAM) and suppressor.

In his other hand, Metal Boss (BDU version) OR MGS3 Naked Snake holds his combat tactical knife, great for the silent kill approach

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