Monday, March 5, 2012

Preview Flirty Girl Collectibles 1:6 scale EMERSON Female Action Figure Set

Text is taken from SMcG Customs who has been working side by side with Flirty Girl Collectibles with several of the up coming products including this very first release from them. Just a side note: This set is actually shown on a Triad Toys ALPHA body just in case you needed to know.

Flirty Girl Collectibles is a new brand of 1:6 scale collectibles and their goal is to offer a fresh new take on female clothing and accessories. They will offer full character sets, clothing accessory sets as well as some basic weapondry essentials.

EMERSON is the first release from Flirty Girl Collectibles. This full 1/6 scale character set comes complete with everything she will need to survive her daily travels in her world gone wrong.

EMERSON was designed to be compatible with TTL, TRIAD Toys, PHICEN and Cy Girl / Takara style bodes. NO 12-inch FEMALE BODY OR HANDS WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE SET. You get just the 1/6th scale female head sculpt and all the other items.

Emerson will come with several nice clothing items. She will have an olive green-sleeveless combat vest, a light blue-crop jacket hoodie and a white-mid drift tank top. Why fuss with putting on a pair of pants and then chaps over the top? These faux lizard pattern chaps are just that..the best of two clothing items in one. The chaps have been designed and made as one piece.

Emerson's headsculpt is a new design never before seen in the market. It will match a standard caucasian skin tone and will come rooted "cinnamon red" tone hair.

Her vast array of accessories are unique in design and not your everyday common accessory. She has her faux leather back pack which has tons of detail and great metal buckle accents. She has a single kneepad which has a small bolt pattern design. Also included is a trio of dog tags and a mini dagger.

Next on the accessory list are her apocalyptic shot gun. The shot gun design is a fresh new concept based on the possibility of how it would look in an apocalyptic world. She will also have (7) shot gun shells to keep all of her ammo belts loaded at all times. A cigar is also included (?)

Her belt will come with a scorpion belt buckle

To top off this character set, they have included these western style cowgirl boots. The boots have a cross design on the front of the foot and plenty of detail on the full boot. These boots are designed to work with the standard ankle cup commonly found on a Triad Toys, TTL, PHICEN and Cy Girl type body.

You can now pre-order this Flirty Girl Collectibles 1:6 scale EMERSON Female Action Figure at TFH OR via SMcG Customs :)

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