Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Latest Haul - March 2012 > Lots of Goodies :)

This is the latest haul which I just got today and it is GOOD haha Didn't expect so many goodies to all come in at the same time plus a bonus find here and there :) Scroll down to see what they are as I reveal each box individually.

This is the InFlames and HeadPlay Metal Boss 1/6th scale limited edition collectible figure (Battle Armor version) which was only released very recently and I hear that it is already sold out almost everywhere! It'll take a while before Hot Toys even released their licensed version so this 12-inch figure will do nicely in the interim. Plus going by their first release of the BDU version, this should be quite GOOD :) This was one of the bonus items because I didn't expect this find at all! You can view the preview pictures HERE

This Hot Toys DX09 Batman 1/6th scale collectible figure has been a long time coming ;p I've seen a lot of pictures on the net and forums but nothing beats having the actual thing in your hands. And I'm glad that it is finally here :) You can check out Hot Toys pre-release pictures HERE

This is the ToysCity: JSOC T1 Special Mission Unit - Ops Geronimo Hunting Down 12-inch figure and 1/6 scale Special Forces dog set. This boxed set was previewed earlier HERE. Not buying a lot of military figure lately but this one is pretty updated and unique.

Subway 24 Hours Hero 12-inch figure or just another 1/6 scale Jack Bauer figure. To see the preview pictures, check out my post HERE

And then there's the ZCWO Vol. 003 MH Mens Hommes 1/6 scale Action Figure Fashion (Boxing Legend Collection) boxed set. This is more of an accessory set and does not come with any 1/6 scale action figure but I'm okay with that. I think this will be GREAT for kitbashing or used as it is :) You can check out the preview pictures of the contents HERE 

Last but not least - another bonus find > 12-inch figure bodies which can be used for the above-mentioned action figure fashion set or other kitbashing projects. They look just like the Hot Toys TrueType bodies with Narrow Shoulder (you can see pictures HERE and HERE) but only cost a fraction of the price. Now that's an idea worth sharing :) Why pay more for bodies that you can get for less? especially if they are almost identical.

For all those who are keen to get these bodies, here's the LINK for Alpha Toys B001 Body (Narrow Shoulders) and LINK for Alpha Toys B002 Body (Broad Shoulders)

So that's all I've got for now. It'll take me a while to go through them and you can check back for updates as and when I post reviews and pictures of each item. You know me: I don't like to keep my figures in the box so everything has to come out, sooner or later ;p


ethan said...


Ben.M said...

Looking forward to some Batman pics... This is the one that made me the fan I am today.

Anonymous said...

what brand are those bodies? and where did you get them from?

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex! What is the name of the look-alike hot toys narrow shoulder bodies, and where can you buy them from? VERY curious to know, so I can save some money!

alex teo said...

hi everyone, you can check out the following links for the alternate Hot Toys TrueType bodies aka Alpha Toys B001 (Narrow Shoulder) and B002 (Broad Shoulder) bodies - http://www.tfh.com.sg/search_result.php?tabs=manu&p_manu_id=464&optP_manu_id=464&btnSearch=

Kenneth said...

Hi Alex, can share where did u get ur Inflames Metal Boss Armour version from and how much? Thanks and been looking for this piece.

Anonymous said...

Hey hi, where's the new Superman by Hot Toys?

alex teo said...

Hi Kenneth, I got mine from TFH and they were already sold out ;p China Square Central should have some I think. All the BEST!

alex teo said...

hi anon, superman is already in ;p just haven't post yet - a case of too many figures, too little time haha but all in good time I guess. still have lots of blogging and reviews to do CHEERS