Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DAM Stands For Action Figure (3 versions) - DAM if you do and DAM if you don't (haha)

I actually laughed when I saw these ;p These are DAM (the company that has been releasing the Operation Gothic Serpent / Black Hawk Down 12-inch figures) Figure Display Stands for action figures (3 versions are available - black, white and sand / khaki) . I found it funny that figure display stands should take centre stage over 1/6th scale figures. DAM actually bothered to take studio shots of these stands as if they were an action figure :) I always felt that the 12-inch figure should be self standing as far as possible for realism and if the stand was to be used, it should NOT be too obvious.

These DAM 'Y' stands for figures are designed to go up between the legs of the 12-inch figure to hold them up. To me, that's not a great way to display any figure because when you look at the figure being displayed, you see the figures as having three legs instead of two :(

If I have to, I much prefer to use the waist held figure stands as these go around the waist and can be hidden by the fabric clothes so that the figure still appears to be standing on his own two feet and NOT propped up by a foreign object going up and into his / her crotch.

Here's an example of a figure with the waist held stand. This DiD (Dragon in Dream) 1/6th scale Samurai Date Masamune 12-inch figure's samurai armor plates are all made of die-cast metal and joined together piece by piece which makes the figure rather top heavy. Without the display stand, the figure will just topple over under its own weight. Check out my post HERE for more pictures and how I try to conceal the stand from view ;p

Another figure that needed a figure display stand is the Hot Toys RoboCop 3 1/6th scale figure. The flight pack made the RoboCop figure top heavy as well so the stand was necessary.

Stands with diorama bases add a touch of realism and relevance to the figure. Hot Toys Predator figure came with a jungle themed display base and looked rather nice.

See my post and full review of the Hot Toys MMS90 Movie Masterpiece Series 1/6 scale 14-inch Predator from the first Predator movie HERE

Even simple brick bases can enhance a display much better. See the pictures below :) Gray Brick Figure Stand by Alpha Toys. Base is made of plastic and "bricks" are made of resin. (Can be ordered from Cotswold Collectibles)

Red Brick Figure Stand by Alpha Toys. Base is made of plastic and "bricks" are made of resin. (Can be ordered from Cotswold Collectibles)

For me, one of the best stands so far are the ones produced by Medicom Toys. These are clear stands with options of a waist held clip or thigh held clip where the adjustable clips can be secured anywhere on the clear rod that goes into the base. The clear rods give the impression that the figure is flying through the air or jumping off the ground and does not spoil the look of the pose. I wish more manufacturers will include these with their figures instead of the standard black figure stands.

Examples of some recent poses using the Medicom Toys clear figure stands - BBICN ThreeA Popbot exclusive 1/6th scale Pathfinder Ono Tomorrow Kings Oyabun 12-inch figure (MORE pictures HERE)

Round 2 1/6th scale Captain Action Deluxe Spider-Man Costume Set - MORE action poses HERE! Plus a better idea of how the Medicom Toys clear stands work

I would rather do away with figure stands if I can help it unless they enhance the figure, for example display stands and bases with diorama or that are custom-made for the particular figure.

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