Friday, May 4, 2012

Preview World Box Lakor 1/6th scale Bat Baby 6-inch Figure - What will they think of next?

Creepy Joker Baby doll figure (I wouldn't call it an action figure) actually make enough money for the company (Lakor) that they are releasing a second baby doll figure – and this time its Bat Baby. This is not a joke. The Dark Knight has become the Bat-Mite, well almost. Bat-Mite is an Imp similar to the Superman villain Mister Mxyzptlk. Appearing as a small child-like man in an ill-fitting costume, Bat-Mite possesses what appears to be near-infinite magical power, but in reality is highly-advanced technology from the fifth dimension that cannot be understood by our limited three-dimensional views.

Lakor Bat Baby 002 (manufactured by World Box) stands at about 6 inches tall (150 mm height) but costs as much as a standard 12-inch figure (US$89). No wonder the company made money with the Lakor Baby Joker (preview pictures can be seen HERE). People pay double the price for half the size ;p now that's an idea haha. Seems like the 1/6th scale market is growing by leaps and bounds, with so many new entrants offering so many options.

The World Box Lakor 1/6th scale Bat Baby 6-inch figure Features baby head sculpt, 5-inch tall body (150mm), Dark Knight uniform, helmet, shoulder armor x 2 pcs, elbow armor x 2 pcs, knee armor x 2 pcs, gloves, boots, boomerang (batarang) x 2, tactical belt, nursing bottle, bottle cover and skate scooter

If you look at the above picture carefully, you can see what looks like Iron Baby flying in the distance. Looks like that will be Lakor Baby 003. It'll be interesting to see how they interpret Hulk Baby ;p

Here's a picture of the Lakor Bat Baby with the Hot Toys 1/6th scale Heath Ledger Joker 12-inch figure for size comparisons. Half a bat is NOT better than no bat. Even Robin would have been much taller. This is child abuse in 1/6th scale!

Here's the Lakor Bat Baby unmasked. Me thinks keep the mask / helmet on

Check out the nursing bottle Bat Baby carries on his utility belt

Bat's all, folks. Until next time, it's Bats off to you all :)

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rudeboy said...


I already have that Joker Child. Cost me a pretty penny, too, but he was worth it.

Therefore this Bat-Baby must also fall into my clutches, come Wayne or shine.