Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hot Toys announces 1/6th scale The Amazing Spider-Man 12-inch Ltd Edition Collectible Figure

Hot Toys Announcement:
The Amazing Spider-Man will be swinging into theatres in 3D next month! This will mark a new chapter of Spider-Man in his long-established legacy! Celebrating the launch of this summer blockbuster, we are proud to present this Amazing Spider-Man collectible figurine with finely made and newly developed costume, as well as the Peter Parker’s head sculpt!

Click to get a LARGER view - it's HUGE ;p

Fans may already know that we have solid experience in developing the detailed costume for Spider-Man and we apply a similar technique to this new costume which will have the most movie-accurate cutting that fans have been expecting for long! More amazing photos will be unveiled soon! Stay tuned!

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