Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pre-order Kotobukiya 1/6th scale The Dark Knight Rises Batman ArtFX 15-inch Statue

Now that Marvel's The Avengers are out and showing in the cinemas, everyone is looking forward to the last Christopher Nolan / Christian Bale Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises". And every toy company is out in force marketing and selling all their Batman movie-related merchandise, hoping to cash in while it's still hot! Kotobukiya is also jumping on the bandwagon and they are offering this The Dark Knight Rises Batman ArtFX Statue.

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! The Dark Knight is back! Kotobukiya is proud to present a new ARTFX Statue based on the upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises. The third part of a trilogy by Christopher Nolan, this summer’s “DKR” pits Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne against both Bane and Catwoman. To celebrate that release you can get the newest incarnation of the big screen hero for your shelf with BATMAN -THE DARK KNIGHT RISES-!

The Bat was reinvented with 2005’s Batman Begins, and its two sequels have further evolved the Dark Knight. Featuring a beautifully detailed sculpt recreating Batman’s specific appearance in the new film, this new version of the character faithfully recreates the hero’s intricate armored bat-suit with cape and cowl. Standing ready for action, the world’s greatest detective oversees Gotham City from the top of a rocky landscape. Staring down his enemies with his trademark scowl, Batman holds his flowing cape in front of him with his left hand while his right wields one of his wonderful toys; with interchangeable parts you can display him with either a grapple gun or his EMP rifle (see picture below)!

Sculpted by MIC, Batman The Dark Knight Rises towers over 15 inches tall (1/6th scale) on a rocky display base that includes a hidden light-up bat symbol! Perfect for both long-time Batman collectors as well as fans of the new movie, this Dark Knight looks great on his own or displayed next to other dynamic Kotobukiya Batman statues.

I even found a prototype / preview picture of this same statue before the paint was added and you can really see the details they managed to put in :) and it looks GOOD!

I actually prefer the prototype pose more than the final version ;p

You can PREORDER this Kotobukiya The Dark Knight Rises Batman ArtFX Statue at

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