Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot Toys Action-TT Power Illuminated Turntable Figure Stands for displaying expensive figures

From Hot Toys:
Dear all,
The Action-TT Power Illuminated Turntable Figure Stand specially designed by I.D. SQUARE for 1/6th scale collectible figures, is proudly distributed by Hot Toys. This stand is illuminating and rotatable, which is ideal for showcasing the 1/6th scale collectible figures. Please refer to the attached photos and spec below for your reference.

Special features of the Action-TT Power Illuminated Turntable Figure Stand: Ideal for 1/6th scale collectible figures. Movie logo plates can be inserted into the stand, Light-up and rotatable functions. The stands are inter-link-able with maximum capacity of 6 stands. AC/ DC compatible

While these look great, they come at Hot Toys prices as well :( meaning, they are EXPENSIVE @ SGD60 bucks or USD50. Not really bang for your buck. I would rather spend that kind of money an an actual figure ;p

For those who can well afford, I say "Go for it" but as for me, I'll wait for the unlicensed versions ;p someone over in China will catch on and release the same without Hot Toys intervention and at a fraction of the price haha

It's a case of getting it if it's NOT pricey and moving on to other stuff if it's going to be priced by Hot Toys. There are other stuff more worth getting for that kind of asking price.

*Battery is not included for figure stand, 1.5V AA batteries (a total of 3 pieces) are required **AC/ DC adaptor is not included. Release date: Q3, 2012


Anonymous said...

Hey, long time reader first time poster ;)

It would be nice if they could power any lights the figure may have with this stand as well. Be nice to not have to worry about leaking batteries or having them run flat quickly. A power port in the foot of the figure and you could have multiple figures ready for light up the display with the flick of a one power switch instead of several like in the Iron Man figures :)

Unknown said...

Bro, let me know if you have the unlicensed versions lobang yeah.

HSMW said...

Expensive but really cool!