Monday, July 16, 2012

Batman's other "Batmobile", driven when he has to hide in plain sight and what a beauty too

This is a re-post since the topic recently has been the various Batmobiles Hot Toys will be releasing in the coming months. I don't think Hot Toys will release this in 1:6th scale but you have to admit that based on the part this vehicle played in "The Dark Knight", this has to be counted as the OTHER Batmobile haha one that is hidden in plain sight ;p

Originally posted on Tuesday, September 2, 2008

James Gordon: "That was a very brave thing you did Wayne."
Bruce Wayne: "What... running a stop light?"
Bruce Wayne: "Do you think I should go to the hospital?"
James Gordon: "You don't watch a whole lot of news, do you, Mr Wayne?"
Bruce Wayne saves Reese (who almost reveals Batman's true identity on television until The Joker intercedes and says he'll blow up a hospital in Gotham unless Reese is killed) when he uses his Lamborghini Murcielago to intercept an attempt on Reese's life.

When I saw this Burago 1/24 scale die-cast Lamborghini Reventon, with its matt gray/black paintwork, opening doors, hood and trunk, bucket seats, detailed dashboard and precision engine, I was thinking, "It's so batmobile-like" and couldn't resist not getting it and adding it to my Batmobile collection. At that time, The Dark Knight movie wasn't out yet so it was a pleasant surprise when Bruce Wayne uses his other "Batmobile", the Lamborghini Murcielago, in the movie. Perhaps he'll replace it with the Reventon in the third instalment. That'll be a hoot!

Don't know much about cars but I just love the design; the exterior styling was supposedly inspired by the F-22 Raptor. For more about cars, visit Kenny's site. He's the car aficionado.

Not that into cars but I just couldn't take my eyes off this beauty!!


cosmicbaby said...

Nice batmobiles! Die cast cars is a whole new dark side! Dont go there, if not you will have to buy another new house very soon :)

alex teo said...

Ha! Ha! Don't worry Marcus, my first love is still 1/6 figures. The only vehicles I collect are Batmobiles (and not all of them) and Star Wars vehicles (completed that with the latest Star Wars legacy Millennium Falcon) plus some bikes. Haven't stopped collecting 1/6 :)

Anonymous said...

I have the Bburago 1:24 scale Lamborghini Reventon too! My friends and I also think it looks like a Batmobile, though it resembles a tank more.

alex teo said...

Hi Juliana WOW!! a female toy collector :) very rare in my circle. I actually didn't know the car was available so much earlier, based on your post dated May 6, 2008. Hope you enjoyed the car as much as I did and when you finally get your own, don't forget to invite me for a ride ;p ha! ha! That's the beauty of the reventon, looks like a tank but doesn't move like one - for that, you've got the Tumbler!!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I look forward to getting a real Lamborghini someday! :)

alex teo said...

Like I said, "When you do (notice I say 'when', not 'if'), remember to give me a lift :)" - not shy to ask lah - LOL