Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Preview VTS 1/6 Violent Samurai 12-inch Figure

The title / product name is a little misleading :( when I first read it, I thought it was going to be a vintage Samurai action figure like the one DID released many years ago (see my post HERE) or even a Tom Cruise as Nathan Algren in samurai armor as seen in the 2003 epic drama film "The Last Samurai" but instead I see images of an angry looking Steven Seagal dressed in rather modern togs.

So is this going to be 1/6th scale Steven Seagal year? Art-figures had announced their next figure AF008 to be a 1/6th scale Raging Police OR old man Steven Seagal 12-inch figure (see the pictures HERE) and now VTS is also releasing a 12-inch Steven Seagal figure as well.

VTS 1/6 Violent Samurai 12-inch Figure will come with a 1/6th scale Head sculpt with some Steven Seagal likeness, 12-inch male figure Body, black long-sleeve T-shirt, black leather vest, black leather coat, black leather Tang suit, black jeans, Double Pistol Mag Pouch, black belt, three hands, medium-length katana, short katana, G17 pistol, G17 black pistol holster and black leather shoes

I quite like the black vest and long coat but am not too keen on the Tang suit.

The hands are pretty well sculpted and you don't get a lot of knife holding / wielding hands in 1/6th scale. Many manufacturers equip their figures with knives which they cannot grasp because the hands are sculpted for the purpose of holding their guns and rifles so this is a plus factor.

Some close-up shots of the VTS 1/6 Violent Samurai 12-inch Figure with Steven Seagal likeness. Someone has to tell VTS that a man holding samurai swords / katanas don't make him automatically a samurai. He's just a samurai sword wielding crazy guy and don't blame the cops for shooting him if he brandishes his swords in public.

As you can see, the vest is quite nicely done

If the price if right, this could be a nice figure for kitbashing. Black outfits are always welcome and long coats are a bonus for creating that mysterious figure. The katanas give it a bit of a sci-fi edge to it. Even the 1/6 head sculpt has a vampirish look to it. You could even turn this into a 1/6th scale vampire hunter / killer; think Wesley Snipes BLADE figure ;p lots of pictures HERE

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