Monday, July 2, 2012

Preview Crazy Dummy 1/6th scale U.S. Army SAW Gunner in Afghanistan 12-inch Figure

A squad automatic weapon (SAW, also known as section automatic weapon or light support weapon) is a weapon used to give infantry squads or sections a portable source of automatic firepower. Weapons used in this role are selective-fire rifles, usually fitted with a bipod and heavier barrel to perform as Light machine guns. SAWs usually fire the same cartridge as the assault rifles or battle rifles carried by other members of the unit. This reduces logistical requirements by making it necessary to supply only one type of ammunition to a unit. SAWs are light enough to be operated by one man, as opposed to heavy machine guns such as the Browning M2, which fire more powerful cartridges but require a crew to operate at full effectiveness.

This is a upcoming release by Crazy Dummy of a 1/6th scale U.S. Army SAW gunner in Afghanistan (CD78004). This 12-inch military figure is supposed to depict what the U.S. Army SAW gunner is wearing and equipped with in Afghanistan.

Parts list: 1/6th scale real-like head sculpt and 12-inch figure body, MICH 2000 helmet with OCP cover, Universal goggle retention straps, U.S. Army T-shirt, OCP ACS suit, OCP ACU pants, BDU belt

OCP IOTV Gen2 vest, MOLLE2 100-round pouch, MOLLE2 200-round pouch, double M4 magazine pouch, radio pouch, MOLLE2 canteen pouch, 1-quart canteen, MOLLE2 first-aid pouch, triple pistol magazine pouch, smoke grenade pouch, hydration pouch, hydration tube, MOLLE2 waist pack butt pack

USGI knee pads one pair, U.S. Army Danner Mountain Boots, one pair work gloves (black), one pair combat application tourniquet, IR flag, rank tab, name tab, army tab, ISAF patch, Army division patch

M249 para with AR stock and grip, 100-round M249 ammo box, 5.56 mm metal chain ammo x 10, M4 30-round magazine x 4, ACOG TA-31 scope with killflash, AN/PEQ15 laser, MCTAR sling adaptor, machine gun sling

M9 pistol with pistol lanyard, M9 magazine x 3, M9 CQC chest holster

USGI NVG Mount AN/PVS-14 NVG, AN/PRC152 radio, handmic, SF helmet light, G-shock watch, 2.0 m frame ballistic eyewear, Fore Trex 201 GPS, MS2000 strobe, M18 smoke grenade

The M249 light machine gun (LMG), previously designated the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), and formally written as Light Machine Gun, 5.56 mm, M249, is an American version of the Belgian FN Minimi, a light machine gun manufactured by the Belgian company FN Herstal (FN). The M249 is manufactured in the United States and is widely used by the U.S. Armed Forces.

The standard squad automatic weapon in Afghanistan is the M249 with PIP (Product Improvement Program) kit, which serves alongside its heavier counterpart, the M240 machine gun. Almost every eight-man squad deployed is issued two M249s. Most M249s were given a collapsible buttstock immediately prior to the invasion to reduce length and make the weapons more practical for parachuting and close-quarters combat. Special Operations troops typically favor the shorter Para version of the weapon, which weighs much less.

The M249 Para is a compact version of the gun with a shorter barrel and sliding aluminum buttstock, so-called because of its intended use by airborne troops. It is much shorter and considerably lighter than the regular M249 at 893 mm (35 in) long and 7.1 kg (16 lb) in weight. The Army's Rapid Fielding Initiative is in the process of replacing the original collapsible buttstock with an adjustable model based loosely on the design of the M4 carbine buttstock.


Anonymous said...

How good is the quality usually for crazy dummy products?

alex teo said...

Crazy Dummy is now almost as good as Soldier Story :) way way better than VeryHot. Quality is pretty much assured ;p

Richie said...

Hey Alex! They're also coming out with pretty much the same guy with M203...

check it out. :)

Anonymous said...

any idea on what the price range is gunna be?

alex teo said...

thanks Richie for the link :) i know about that and will be posting about it shortly ;p

@ anon, so far all their figures are sold at SGD160. see link -