Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sideshow Collectibles DC Comics Poison Ivy 21-inch Tall Premium Format Figure - Hubba Hubba

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce the newest addition to our DC Comics Premium Format Figure collection, the alluring and hypnotic Poison Ivy. The drop dead gorgeous villain is crafted in 1:4 scale, with flowing crimson hair, vines winding up her voluptuous figure, and a captivating come-hither pose. The Poison Ivy Premium Format figure stands 21 inches tall, poised amidst her carnivorous plants. Each hand painted, individually finished figure perfectly captures Gotham City's most seductive siren, a truly breathtaking addition to any collection.

Pamela Isley grew up in a wealthy home with emotionally-distant parents before leaving for college in Seattle, where she studied advanced botanical biochemistry under the infamous Dr. Jason Woodrue. Socially awkward to the point of timidity, Isley falls easily to the persuasive seductions of her professor, who repeatedly injects her with a variety of poisons and toxins in a mad series of botanical experiments that, while falling short of killing her, drive her irrevocably insane.

Isley soon leaves Seattle for Gotham City, and over the years begins to develop a series of plant-related powers stemming from the tortures endured at the hands of her mentor, including the ability to converse with all manner of flora and fauna. Immune to all poisons, viruses, bacteria and fungi, she is herself capable of producing the deadliest of toxins from her very lips. Taking for herself the name Poison Ivy, she begins to see herself as the protector of all things botanical, and uses her newfound gifts in a series of eco-terrorist attacks, bringing her repeatedly to the attention of Gotham's caped crusader, The Batman.

Poison Ivy is the villainess with an ecological conscience - a seductive green siren who whispers lies of love into your ear before killing you with a kiss from her lethal lips.

Out of all the Poison Ivy Femme Fatale figures I've seen, this one is the HOTTEST yet ;p The sculptor managed to get Poison Ivy's seductress look down to a T and if you are a red-blooded male like me, you'll find yourself drawn to the figure and her curves like I did LOL

This Poison Ivy is HOT and by that, I mean Smokin'

Which begs the question: Does this mean that Poison Ivy does not eat her veggies since it'll be like a pet owner eating his pets? Food for thought haha

The Sideshow Exclusive version of the Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure includes a unique feature available nowhere else: 'Full-bloomed' man-eating plants, for alternate display

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Rob Skellington said...

I think the Exclusive is a must have with this PF figure man thoughs plants look evil!