Friday, September 28, 2012

Girls just wanna have FUN :) Phicen 1/6th scale Female Seamless Body 12-inch Figure ooh-la-la

These are the latest 12-inch offerings by Phicen. It is their latest 1:6 scale Female Seamless Body - pale skin with mid-size breast version (Item No. PLMB2012-02). Their 12-inch female figures without visible joint lines are improving with each new batch and these actually look much nicer than their previous releases (my fondness for redheads notwithstanding).

These Phicen 1/6th scale Female Seamless Body 12-inch Figures will come with 33 points of articulation with a height of approximately 28CM and weigh 0.208kg. On the basis of the old products of theirs, the necks of these mid-sized breast figures can rotate 360 degrees for the purpose of improving the simulation of the figure. Phicen has also added a metal piece inside the elbow joint which prevents the arm from breaking easily. It also looks more natural when the elbow is bent backwards.

Phicen 1/6th scale Female Seamless Body 12-inch Figure PARTS LIST: Body 1 PC, Head sculpt 1 PC, Hands 3 PAIRS / 6 PC, Bare feet 1 PAIR, Bikini 1 SET. Scroll down to see more pictures as well as the other offering of the tan skinned mid-sized breast version with the blond hair ;p

So do we call these dolls or female action figures? Whatever the name doesn't really matter as long as you enjoy what you are collecting, right? The thing is, we won't call a 12-inch male figure a doll or dollie but when it comes to a female figure, the line is not very clear at all.

Be as it may, this latest release by Phicen certainly got my attention :)

Someone on the 1:6 forums actually did a count and concluded that this is a fifth generation Phicen female body. Gen 1 - TBLeague / original; Gen 2 - 1st Phicen, new tack-free skin; Gen 3 - 1st small-busted/next release large-busted; Gen 4 - 2nd small-busted (had new ankle cups, and minor changes to the skeleton, apparently) AND Gen 5 - This medium bust (also with reinforced elbow, new neck joint)

Three simple rules to follow when posing with your Phicen 12-inch doll / female action figure: 1. Work slow and be patient (just like with your partner ;p); 2. Use 2 hands to move a joint all the time; 3. If you encounter resistance, it does not mean you need to push harder, it means you're moving the joint the wrong way. This is because you cannot see the joints and therefore am unable to know if you are bending the joint in the opposite direction from where it is supposed to be going.

The new neck peg looks like it will work whether the head you choose has a round socket for a Hot Toys body or a small hole meant to clip over a cone-shaped connector.

Phicen has certainly improved on the female head sculpts

And here are the pictures of the Phicen 1/6th scale Female Seamless Body 12-inch Figure (blond hair, tan skinned mid-sized bust version). Someone also noted that the bikinis are also getting smaller and smaller haha


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