Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monsters Inc. and NOT of the Disney kind

Continued from previous post...

These are my Monsters Inc. NOT the Disney version. For the Disney version of Monsters Inc. check out my post HERE to see Sulley, Wazowski, "Boo", Randall, Celia, Yetty and the rest of the gang. These monsters / creatures are from the DC universe (except one from Marvel) and almost all are enemies / villains of Batman.

Clockwise from left: Bane, Man-Bat, Killer Moth, Killer Croc (all Batman villains) and The Lizard (super villain of Spider-Man). I just had to squeeze the Lizard in because he so belongs with this group. Scroll down to see more :)

The great thing about popular characters (even super villains) is that they get interpreted very differently by different artists and yet are supposed to maintain their identity i.e. one look and you know who they are supposed to be even when they sport a new design / incarnation. Even creatures have unique features that set them apart from the others. And being produced of a larger size / scale allows them to have more details and presence, as opposed to 3 3/4-inch figures which are too small for my liking.

Out of the five creatures / monsters / super villains shown here in this toy blog post, four are Batman villains and three (Bane, Man-bat and Killer Moth) are from "The Batman" animated TV series. See my post HERE for more pictures of "The Batman" animated action figures.

The Lizard is the only one from Marvel Comics and he's Spider-Man's super villain.

But you have to admit, the Lizard seems to fit in very well with these other Batman villains. He even looks like a distant cousin of Killer Croc.

I also love their side views. It's very interesting how you can still make out their human anatomy except that it's become distorted due to their transformation into monster creatures.

This is the stylized version of the Lizard as seen in the Spectacular Spider-Man animated TV series which was released as an action figure by Hasbro in late 2008. Check out my Lizard post HERE for more pictures.

Mattel Batman Power Attack Swamp Raider Killer Croc 6.5-inch / 16.5cm action figure was covered in the previous post.

Bane by Mattel - covered in my earlier post HERE. See Bane vs Batman for size comparisons

Mattel Killer Moth from "The Batman" - FULL review HERE

Last but certainly not least - Man-Bat. I really liked how Man-Bat was redesigned for "The Batman" animated TV series. See my post HERE for more pictures and Batman vs Man-Bat HERE

I certainly had FUN with these miniature creatures / monsters :)


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

GREAT post! Love that Lizard from Spider-Man

alex teo said...

Thanks Colin :)