Saturday, July 27, 2013

Every dog has its day and G.I. Joe's Snake Eyes pet wolf 1/6 scale Timber has its own post

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This is the 1/6 scale articulated Timber from Sideshow Collectibles G.I. Joe 12-inch Snake Eyes And 1/6 scale Timber Figure Set (previewed HERE).

According to Sideshow Collectibles, Timber is Fully Posable with 12 points of articulation. I really don't think that you can pose him very much :( Unlike a 12-inch human figure which can be fully pose-able if it's not restricted by the clothing or armor that is put on him, Timber is pretty much set in this pose and even though you can move his legs to achieve some running poses, I doubt you can make him sit and fetch or roll over like a real dog would ;p That said, I just like me a 1/6 scale wolf!

Timber comes with movable joints and its body is in three parts so that you are able to pose it. 1/6 scale Timber wolf is sculpted very well but he's also very heavy. How heavy? He's heavy like a brick which is odd because normally everything else in 1/6 scale that is not a statue doesn't weigh this much. He's heavier than most (if not all) of my 12-inch figures.

Because of Timber's heavy weight, it puts a lot of pressure on the joints and makes it very difficult for him to stand, let alone be posed in any other way.

What attracted me to Timber was the sculpting. It's a very good sculpt in itself though adding the movable joints to make it pose-able was a tad ambitious.

What I didn't expect was the heavy weight of this 1/6 scale canine. It's still a nice creature figure :)

One day I'm going to put all the 1/6 scale animals together for a group shot. That should be interesting ;p Check out other critters/creatures in my collection HERE ;p

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