Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New look ED-209 for RoboCop Reboot

I came across this image of the new look ED-209 for the RoboCop Reboot film that's coming out and thought I'll just share :) Probably old news to most of you but I haven't seen this image till now haha

I've seen images of the new RoboCop and the sleeker looking ED-209 goes in line with the overall new look of the new RoboCop film and I think it's worth watching but I still feel nostalgic towards the original RoboCop that was released in 1987 with Peter Weller as Alex Murphy / RoboCop.

Apparently the new RoboCop rides a bike instead of a police car. Will just have to wait for the movie to be released to see how it fares.

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elar said...

It looks like mix of Batman and new Dredd...

humanbeingill said...

Toy Manufacturers from Hasbro to Hot Toys are gonna milk the snot out of this Movie. There's SURE to be a 1/6 incarnation of this. If that smooth-*ss bike is included I'm Down!