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Review I: ThreeA (3A) 1/6 scale Tomorrow Kings SHOGUN Gorei 12-inch awesome action figure

"They say... There were only ten that ever walked with us, that each could hold an army at bay single handed. They say we will never see their kind again and each of the ten shelter silent wisdom cast from a memory of the end. These are the SHOGUN TK." ...from ThreeA

This is the recently released ThreeA (3A) 1/6 scale Tomorrow Kings SHOGUN Gorei 12-inch figure. There are also the 3A Tomorrow Kings SHOGUN Tsuki and Tomorrow Kings SHOGUN Seven Bones released as well. According to 3A, Tomorrow Kings are male clones, from the Popbot Universe who were created by Luthor Bean Jr. originally used for corporate takeovers. These "Elvis ronin" were created to slay all monsters & ghouls with Luthor Bean Sr.'s Ion Engine that escaped Earth. They are also used to fight the Mortis. I just love Ashley Wood's take on the subject and his stunning art on this series as well as other 3A product lines.

I don't collect all of ThreeA's figures but only those that I really like and this was one figure I just could not resist. He's a 1/6 scale post-apocalyptic Samurai figure! How cool is that!! What's even better? Without the helmet and with his shaved head, Gorei looks just like a (Shaolin) monk, especially with the orange top (only TK Shogun Gorei comes with an orange top). Scroll down to see more of this awesome 3A TK Shogun warrior figure.

The box that holds 3A TK Shogun Gorei has Ashley Wood's beautiful illustration and comes with a huge giant-sized poster of the same illustration with orange background. And the picture below shows how 3A TK Shogun Gorei looks once you remove the figure from the box. Everything is already assembled on him except his large sword / blade (weapon) and helmet. These two items are packed separately. He also comes with an extra left gloved hand for holding his sword.

The awesome part about this 3A TK Shogun Gorei figure is the segmented and layered shoulder armor he has over his left arm which is attached to a chest plate armor as well as back plate armor. The Samurai helmet is also very cool as well. Then there's the humongous sword that has wires coming out from the hilt.

The armor just makes TK Shogun Gorei looks so cool and bada$$. That and the getup he has on him, with the multiple pouches which are actually military pouches for rifle magazines as well as utility and general pouches. The mishmash just works so well for the post-apocalyptic look.

Scroll down to see the turnaround views of this ThreeA (3A) 1/6 scale Tomorrow Kings SHOGUN Gorei 12-inch action figure. I just wanted to show him first without his helmet and in a non-threatening non-violent pose, of one who seeks a peaceful solution rather than a violent end.

Here's a back view of Tomorrow Kings SHOGUN Gorei with his huge sword sheathed and carried on his back, together with the extra pouches he has all around his waist.

The wires coming out from the sword hilt makes it look interesting and adds another mysterious element to the whole picture. Where does the wires end up? Scroll down to see the answer.

Here are some close-up pictures of ThreeA (3A) 1/6 scale Tomorrow Kings SHOGUN Gorei head sculpt. He looks very monk-like to me.

Close-up view of the multiple pouches TK Shogun Gorei carries around his waist

The wires from his sword are connected to a cylindrical looking battery with two holes / terminals. The battery is stored in one of the pouches.

ThreeA (3A) 1/6 scale Tomorrow Kings SHOGUN Gorei samurai helmet

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NEXT: ThreeA (3A) 1/6 scale Tomorrow Kings SHOGUN Gorei wearing his helmet and wielding his sword! Action Pose YAY!

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