Thursday, July 18, 2013

SDCC pictures - a peek at what's to come from Hot Toys - Mandarin, Igor, Silver Centurion etc

Just some teaser pictures taken by someone who has been to SDCC. Credit has to be given to the photographer who took them and shared these on the world wide web :) I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more pictures over the next few days on the internet

There's Hot Toys Iron Man 3: 1/6 scale Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin 12-inch collectible figure

The new Man of Steel Superman's body and suit has been improved. He's no longer chubby haha Some of the Iron Man suits from Iron Man 3 have also made their debut. Johnny Depp Tonto gets an appearance as well. Scroll down to see more.

Hot Toys MMS Iron Man 3: 1/6 scale Iron Man Mark XXXVIII (Mk 38) "IGOR". The heavy lifting suit, known as "Igor" was not designed for battle, but for heavy lifting and carrying heavy objects.

Also debuting: Hot Toys MMS Iron Man 3: 1/6 scale Iron Man Mark XXXIII (Mk 33) "Silver Centurion" collectible figure. The enhanced energy suit, known as "Silver Centurion", has a slight protective force field, which allows it to attract or repulse objects using magnetic polarity. The suit is capable of firing pulse cannons that build in intensity the further they travel.

And of course, 1960s Adam West Batman and Burt Ward Robin the boy wonder figures

There's also the Bat suit case by Hot Toys being displayed

Where there's Batman, there's got to be Superman and this is the latest Henry Cavill Man of Steel with improved body type.

Johnny Depp as Tonto from "The Lone Ranger" is also present

Fully painted alien Chitauri figure from The Avengers movie


humanbeingill said...

Uuuuuuugh Mandarin is killing me. I was planning on passing on this but it looks so Tough! Bat and Rob is in the bag, and those IRONMEN are Defintely Eye Candy. And the deflated-less bulky Superman lets me know I made the right choice with it's preorder. Those are all I'm scooping up so far...

Dennis said...

Pass all Iron Man, except Mandarin. Good to see they improved Man of Steel.