Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Post #8: Daniel Picard's Stunning Photography

These are the latest pictures Daniel Picard has shared with me :) As the saying goes "A picture tells a thousand words" so I'll just let the pictures do the talking. ENJOY

The pictures are much bigger than they seem (especially the landscape ones below - scroll down to see the rest) but due to limitations of blogger, they can only be viewed in a smaller size. Click on each picture for a bigger and better view. You can really appreciate the art more!

The picture above is just awesome! The Bat-pod doesn't run on nuclear power so Batman has to pump it with petrol when the tank runs dry right? Looks like he prefers Esso fuel haha I would've thought he'll choose BP for his Bat-Pod ;p

The last two pictures are Dan's new experiment of adding human actors into the mix. He just makes all the pictures look 1:1 scale to me

You can check out Daniel Picard's website www.danielpicard.com for more pictures :) He doesn't just shoot toys. Daniel Picard takes very nice pictures of people, places and things as well. Go to his facebook page and like it as well.

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humanbeingill said...

I Love those, a couple required a double take. Lol... What's the best way to take good pictures? How do you take such unbelievable shot Gen-X? Staging area, camera, lighting etc....

Posing is essential, because after so much development and money as been put into these pieces by BOTH manufacturer and consumer posing is what TRULY gives the figure personality, mood, and life. I simply MUST find that perfect pose before I set a figure for display.... It's an ART in itself I recon.

alex teo said...

All the credit goes to Daniel Picard :) he makes us all want to shoot better pictures