Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Achtung! Pop Toys previews their Style Series X06 German Woman Officer’s Uniform ver 2.0

This will be Pop Toys upcoming release: X06 of Style Series The German Woman Officer’s Uniform version 2.0. The “style series” is a series of 1:6 scalen action figure, which is characterized with exquisite tailoring and workmanship. “X” in the logo represent a pair of scissors. At the same time, it is the first letter in Pinyin of Chinese character “Xing”, means style.

Pop Toys Style Series X06 1/6 scale German Woman Officer’s Uniform ver 2.0 will come with Women’s Gray tricorn-hat, Women’s White Long-sleeved Shirt, Women’s Grey Costume (jacket), Women’s Grey Costume Skirt, Leather Briefcase, Black Tie, Black Silk Pantyhose, Black High-heel Shoes, Armband. In case you are wondering if Anne Hathaway is starring in any WWII movie with Germans in it, do note that the 1/6 scale head sculpt of Anne Hathaway (from Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman figure - preview pictures HERE), weapon, and body in the picture are not included. The 12-inch female figure Body in the picture is small breasts woman’s body provided by TTL.

Pop Toys female outfits must be selling well for them to revisit this and make version 2.0. The Pop Toys 1/6 scale German Female Instructors Uniform Skirt Set for 12-inch Female Figures which was previewed earlier HERE has already been released and most probably sold out hence the announcement of this latest version.

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