Monday, August 5, 2013

Preview Summer Exclusive Hot Toys Iron Man 3: 1/6th scale Midas (Mark XXI) Collectible Figure

Popularity of the summer blockbuster Iron Man 3 is still going strong! We are excited to present one of the brand new armors from Tony Stark’s “House Party Protocol” – 1/6th scale Midas (Mark XXI) Collectible Figure, the high-altitude suit, from Iron Man 3 as a Summer Exclusive item.

As seen in the highly popular Iron Man 3, Aldrich Killian and his Extremis soldiers were no weaklings and Tony Stark needed to take them on with his legion of new suits to avenge for his dearest friend and rescue his girlfriend.

The 1/6th scale Midas (Mark XXI) Collectible Figure features multitude layers and shades of metallic gold color painted by Hot Toys’ Korean Chief Painter & Production Director JC. Hong and Painting Specialist Woong Young Lee giving the collectible figure a brilliant finish with unrivaled aesthetics and quality. Like I said before, I'm just glad I'm not that into Iron Man nor a completist collector; otherwise, OUCH! I'll be wishing that I have the Midas touch ;p

So many Iron Man armor suits, it boggles the mind.

The Collectible Figure will be firstly available for purchase at Hot Toys’ Annual Exhibition in Taiwan from August 10 – 18 ( Limited to 800 sets (certain amount are available for pick up upon purchase and the rest are open for pre-order at the event).

Midas will then be available at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) on August 31 and September 1 ( (Limited quantity at 800 sets, available for pick up upon purchase), Toy Sapiens in Tokyo between September 14 – 23 (, and Ani-Com & Games Guangzhou (ACG GZ) in China from October 1 – 5 ( For other countries, please stay tuned on HT Facebook page for ordering information!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a straight repaint of Mark Vii from the avengers line to me, what you guys think?

Bingo said...

Money money money. Thats all you are interested HT?

At least I save money while HotToys reapeats themself.

I wish Blitzway and Enterbay dont loose their love to figures as HotToys did.

humanbeingill said...

Hot Toys is the best there is at what they do, and what they do isn't very nice- gimmicks, inflation, blah blah blah etc.
There's no reason why this would be more than the already pricey Mark vii but I'm sure the lower production will increase the MSRP........ by $70!!

Do I want it, yes. Does Hot Toys know that, yes. Is that the reason why these things continue...... YES! LOL....

Anonymous said...

It is annoying. But only because most of us want it but r not rich enough to buy it along with all the other figs we r getting. I want it, even though its just a repaint. but cant justify spending the money on it. Damn u hot toys. Damn u for making me want ur figs

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly its cheaper than the msrk vii eventhough marketed as an exclusive I guess it is due to the absence of the tony stark headsculpt