Monday, August 12, 2013

Incoming: COO MODEL - Item No: 18002 1/6 scale Cowboy Skull Brothers #2 - improvement?

It seems Coo Model does take collectors' feedback and comments into account. After the horrendous looking previews of the Coo Model Item No:18001 1/6 scale Cowboy Skull Brothers Big Brother (with Movable eyes) - pictures HERE - COO MODEL has now released new pictures of their Item No: 18002 1/6 scale Cowboy Skull Brother #2 12-inch cowboy skeleton figure. What's the difference? Coo Model has decided to go back to using the realistic looking skull head and skeletal hands from their original 12-inch skeleton soldier figure (to be reviewed in the NEXT post) which looks much better IMHO

COO MODEL Item No: 18002 1/6 scale Cowboy Skull Brothers #2 12-inch skeleton figure will come with 1/6 scale skull Head, 12-inch Skeleton body, skeletal Hands x 6, a pair of cowboy Shoes, cowboy Hat, gun Belt and normal belt, two Holsters, Shotgun (looks like a Winchester 1866 Model Yellow Boy), Pistol / Revolver (looks like a Colt 1851 Navy .36 with cartridge conversion), Metal Bullets x 6, Shotgun bullets x 6 (Winchester comes with shotgun cartridges?), pair of Eyes, Robe, Scarf, Clothes (?)

The 1/6 scale outfit and accessories, including weapons included with this set is almost identical with Coo Model Item No:18001 1/6 scale Cowboy Skull Brother BOSS figure (except for the vest with nipple tassels? hahaha) which makes me wonder if Coo Model will be releasing both versions (different item numbers) or just this latest version after getting all the negative feedback regarding the first previewed version. This definitely looks much better than the previous version (seen HERE) but how well it does will depend on the final factor and that is the PRICE! How much will this cost? We'll have to wait and see... In the meantime, scroll down to see the rest of the pictures :)

The skeleton removes his robe to reveal a cowboy vest with nipple tassels LOL

NEXT post: Review of Coo Model 1/6 scale Skeleton Soldier 12-inch figure with sword and shield

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