Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's getting weirder with OE (original effect) 1/6 Collectible Figure Vol.5 - Cello female figure

There have been four female figures already featured in Original Effect's Army Attractive Series with names like Viola (posted HERE), Hasuike Sunayuki (preview HERE), Harp Bullseye (pictures HERE) and Endless. And now they are adding a fifth: Cello. Note: this does not take into account the Killer Instinct Series Vol. 1 Sam female figure (previewed HERE)

Some backstory from OE (Original Effect): Each country successively cracks the remodeled fighting capacity of NAXI and can successfully develop well-matched green-pupil adepts. Cello is a new group of adepts of NAXI after Viola. It has yellow snake eyes, which are completely different from the previous Viola and Sunayuki, etc. in eye color. Its capacity is also subversively stronger than green-pupil adepts, making NAXI renew the peak of adepts. The new yellow-pupil adepts and the previous green-pupil ones greatly repel each other, so NAXI decides to “clear” the previous remodeled forces of all green-pupil adepts including VIOLA. However, the research and development source of green-pupil and yellow-pupil adepts has always been a mystery. The trigger for such genetic mutation will gradually unfold in future Army Attractive!

OE (original effect) 1/6 Collectible Figure Vol.5 - Cello female figure will come with 1/6 scale Cello female head sculpt, Reborn body, Military cap, Overcoat, Underclothes, Underpants, Reaphook and Chain. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures (including the new female Reborn body)

I'll be the first to tell you: I cannot understand the concept for these female figures. I like Viola and I actually got Viola and will review her in the NEXT post but after Viola, the rest just aren't my cup of tea.

Then there's the new series from OE (original effect): the Killer Instinct Series Vol. 1 1/6 scale Sam female figure. Wasn't blown away at first either but the new revised head sculpt and paint job has me hooked again and I've actually pre-ordered her as well ;p check out the new look HERE

This figure just has too little clothes to interest me LOL not enough fabric and trying a little too hard to get my attention but do check out the new Reborn body (scroll down to the bottom of the page to see it). WARNING: There will be nudity and might not be safe for work (NSFW)

OE (original effect) is showing off their 1/6 scale female Reborn Body. Why? Because the original female body that came with Viola SUCKED big time! Loose limbs doesn't even begin to describe the figure and what a pain it was to photograph her (see my review in the NEXT post)

This new 1/6 scale female Reborn Body looks much better than the original and I believe they are all 13.5 inches tall which makes them a lot taller and bigger than your regular 12-inch figures

NEXT: Original Effect (OE) Army Attractive series 1/6 Viola 13.5-inch female action figure Review #1

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