Thursday, September 12, 2013

Expendables Gunner Jensen (Dolph Lungren) 12" Figure - Art Figures 1/6 Soldiers Of Fortune 2

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This is how Dolph Lungren looks as Gunner Jensen in The Expendables 2, all thanks to Art Figures :) This is Art Figures AF012 1/6 scale Soldiers Of Fortune 2 12-inch action figure fully kitted out with his gear and accessories. In the previous post, I covered the box packaging and contents, with a detailed breakdown and layout of the 1/6 scale accessories as well as showing close-up views of this Art Figures 1/6 Soldiers Of Fortune 2 head sculpt and basic outfit without his vest and weapons.

Here 1/6 scale Gunner Jensen (Dolph Lungren) is wearing black beanie (cold cap), black hoodie, Black Tactical Vest, black combat pants with knee pads, combat belt with pouch, drop-down pistol Holster, gloves and black combat boots. He is armed with the Milkor MGL 140 grenade launcher with 6 x 40mm grenade rounds loaded in the cylinder, Beretta M9 pistol, Remington M870 Shotgun with 3 shotgun shells and a LARGE Bowie knife in sheath. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures

How good is the Gunner Jensen (Dolph Lungren) 1/6 scale head sculpt by Art figures? IMHO it is top notch because from the pictures taken, you could easily mistaken them as studio shots to promote the movie. He looks very life-like and realistic and could be mistaken for the actual actor just from looking at the pictures :)

Check out these close-up pictures taken of the Art Figures AF012 Soldiers Of Fortune 2 1/6 scale Dolph Lungren as Gunner Jensen head sculpt. This is a very good likeness of Dolph Lungren as seen in The Expendables films.

Now for some close-up shots of the figure itself, zooming in first on the black tactical assault vest as well as the various weapons carried on his person.

Great figure and great attention to detail. LOVE this :)

Here are close-up pictures of the 1/6 scale Milkor MGL Mk 1L grenade launcher. The cool thing is that the grenade launcher can be stripped and taken apart and then put back together.

NEXT: Army of two - presenting Art Figures 1/6 scale Soldiers Of Fortune 12-inch figures released so far: Lee Christmas and Gunner Jensen!

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Unknown said...

Is he gonna have a shot with Lee and Stallone and maybe Anorld?

alex teo said...

Keep watching :)

Parker seals said...

Nice & impressive

tepee said...

Hello Alex,

my name's Tom and I've been reading your blog for some time and always been amazed by those 1/6 figures. Their prizes somehow discouraged me, though. However, I started collecting a metal car model of VW 1303 in 1:8 scale. And so I thought that a driver figure would be a nice add-on to the final view :-) My question is:

will a 1:6 figure fit properly into a 1:8 car model?

the dimensions of the finished car are (as the editor presents):

length 512,5 mm / width 200,4 mm / height 184,7 mm

I know that my question might seem irrelevant (the scales are obviously different) but sometimes the producer-specified dimensions are not necessarily correct - I had a problem with matching figures to 1:18 car models. According to what the producer says - 3 3/4" figures are suitable for 1:18 cars. Unfortunately, the figures which I bougth were still a little too big and it ruined my plan... Only later I read on one website that in fact 3 3/4" figures fit 1:16 car better (what an irony!)

So, to sum up - in order to avoid unnecessary cost - is the whole thing worth the effort? I was thinking about this Kaustic Plastic Muscular Caucasian + some clothes to fit into the car model. Will it fit nicely? Or will it fit at all? :-)

Just to give you the view - the length of the model will be 51,25 cm (which represents the real 4 meters of VW Cabrio). The figure is 12 inch = 30 cm (representing the real 1.8 meter of a real person). Maybe some of your friends has got a car model like this or a similar in this scale - in Europe they are published by De Agostini, you subscribe and assembly the model issue by issue. If you had a possibility of putting one of your figures in such a 1:8 model, it would prove if it's possible.

I will be very grateful for all your help, and appreciate your concern and time - in fact you seem to be an expert on that field so I hope you will be able to provide me with a professional and comprehensive response. Thank you from advance and waiting for your reply,

with regards

alex teo said...

Hi Tom

I think that a 1:6 scale figure might be too big to fit into a 1:8 car model. I have a supposedly 1:6 helicopter that even most 1:6 scale figures cannot fit because of the legs. They just didn't make enough leg room for the figure. I don't know about 1:18 cars or 1:16 versions but 1:6 scale figures are based on a man being 6 feet tall so the figure would be around 12 inches or 300mm tall. There are 1:6 scale car models in the market designed for 1:6 scale figures and a lot of collectors also buy 1:6 scale Remote Control vehicles for their figures as well. I am not the best person to give advice since I have not tried building a 1:8 model car myself and tried to put a 1:6 figure inside.

But now that this is published, perhaps someone else with the same or similar experience can comment on this matter.


desmond said...

Bro..the tactical vest looks similar to the vests for HKG SDU..