Friday, September 20, 2013

Check out Phicen 1/6 scale Female seamless Tan body with Large bust size (Version 04)

I'm not really into collecting female figures and there aren't that many females in my action figure / toy collection. The ones I do collect are because they are usually, most of the time an action heroine from the movies and thus qualify as an action figure and NOT a doll haha Examples are the latest Hot Toys 1/6 scale Selina Kyle / Catwoman (see my earlier post HERE) and other Hot Toys 12-inch female action figures (pictures HERE)

That said, I must say that most of the female head sculpts are improving with every release (except for those from Triad Toys. Don't believe me? See for yourself HERE) and they are looking more and more life-like and realistic. What's even more amazing? Female bodies released by Phicen Limited are seamless i.e. no visible joint lines. Not many male bodies can boast that except for the exceptional one-of-a-kind Hot Toys "300" King Leonidas 1/6 scale figure (see my earlier toy blog post HERE). Since Leonidas' release, there hasn't been another figure quite like him. In fact, Hot Toys went back to the muscle bodies with visible joint lines for their newer figures. I suspect it is too costly to produce the unique King Leonidas 12-inch figure body.

Phicen Limited (Item No.: PLLB2013-18) 1:6 scale Female seamless Tan body with Large bust size Version 04 will be 28 sm tall, and have 33 Points of articulation. From Phicen: "The Version 04 large bust body that we adopted the food grade new skin materials, movability has the greatly improved, not easy to stain and cracking. And simulate the texture of the real skin. The range of activities than the Version 03 body has been significantly improved and easy to shape, can be show the simulation model more truly."

Part List: Tan Body Version 04, 1/6 scale Head sculpt, Hands 6 pieces / 3 Pairs, Common Bare Feet 1 Pair, High-heels Feet 1 Pair, Bikini 6-Piece Set

BOOBS   ^_^

The head sculpt reminds me of MMA fighter Gina Carano, who nabbed herself a role in Fast & Furious 6 after playing the lead role in HAYWIRE

Like I mentioned, I don't collect many of these gals but it's still fun to share the developments that are happening in the 1/6th scale world

The only Phicen I got was the Phicen Limited 1/6 scale Female Seamless Body with Tan skin and large bust size 12-inch figure (version 2, I think) which I reviewed on my toy blog HERE

I only got her because I needed the body for a kitbash of 12-inch Lara Croft using the Flirty Girl Collectibles 1/6th scale Female Character Set. See my post HERE for the part one review and pictures

For the earlier Phicen female figures, it was easy to discard and get rid of the head sculpt because it wasn't an attractive head sculpt. Now the whole situation has changed. This one's a keeper ;p

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Anonymous said...

She looked more like angelina jolie to me, but watch out for "lying" promo pictures, like what happened with the pale version(poor paint job on the marketed head sculpt).

Although i must say these pictures doesn't look like it's been heavily photoshopped.