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Comparison pictures of Hot Toys Catwoman with Batman Returns Catwoman, Black Widow & Bats

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Having reviewed the Hot Toys - MMS188 (Movie Masterpiece Series) - The Dark Knight Rises: 1/6th scale Selina Kyle / Catwoman 12-inch Collectible Figure in the earlier posts HERE (box packaging and contents), HERE (Selina Kyle wearing her specially designed goggles) and HERE (Selina Kyle on the 1/6 scale Bat-pod), I was very curious as to how tall Hot Toys Selina Kyle really is in 1/6 scale. Anne Hathaway is 1.73m tall. Arkham City Wiki puts Selina Kyle at 5 ft 7 in (1.7m). Hot Toys 1/6 scale Selina Kyle is 28 inches tall with her high heels on. I guess that's about right.

Here's Hot Toys Selina Kyle Catwoman figure standing side-by-side with "Batman Returns" 1:6 scale Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman figure (manufacturer unknown) - see reviews of this feline girl figure HERE and HERE. Until Hot Toys finally embark on making the Batman Returns 12-inch figures, this will have to do :) Scroll down to see the rest of the comparison pictures of Hot Toys Selina Kyle Catwoman with Batman Returns Catwoman, The Avengers Black Widow & Batman The Dark Knight DX figure

Two different Catwoman persona played differently in by two different actresses in two separate Batman movies but both put up superb performances that does the franchise justice. LOve both gals and how they made the role great in the Batman films.

And how do we honor them? By taking pictures and posting them so that they will be remembered for the roles they played in bringing Catwoman Selina Kyle to the big screen

These two look great together and would certainly make good feline friends / BFFs haha

Here are comparison pictures of Hot Toys 12-inch Anne Hathaway Selina Kyle Catwoman collectible figure with Hot Toys The Avengers Scarlett Johansson S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Natasha Romanoff Black Widow female action figure

Scarlett Johansson's height is 163 cm or 5 ft 4 in which makes her shorter than Anne Hathaway so this height difference in 1/6 scale seems to be rather accurate, with Selina Kyle towering over Black Widow

These two are the latest released female figures by Hot Toys and you can certainly see the improvements in the sculpting of the 1/6 scale female heads. They are now very realistic and life-like

You can see more comparison pictures of Hot Toys The Avengers Black Widow with other Hot Toys female figures (Silken Floss from "The Spirit", Black Widow from "Iron Man 2", Sarah Connor from "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" ("T2" for short) and "Blade: Trinity" Abigail Whistler Limited Edition Collectible Figurine posted HERE

How about comparison shots / pictures of Hot Toys Selina Kyle Catwoman with The Dark Knight DX Batman? Pictured below is the Hot Toys MMS (Movie Masterpiece Series - Deluxe) DX02 "The Dark Knight" Batman 1/6 scale collectible figure from 2010 (see my reviews HERE - there are actually five reviews in all with lots of pictures of Christian Bale Batman), still good even by today's standards ;p

Batman's still taller but not by much because of catwoman's high stiletto heels

DX02 has the beautifully executed Batman head sculpt with "Sonar Vision" with interchangeable facial expression (mouth piece) by Hot Toys

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