Sunday, September 15, 2013

MC Toys M-030 1/6 scale Armed Maid uniform set - This one is truly "maid" for the army LOL

Talk about maid uniforms. I think this one takes the cake ;p MC Toys M-030 1/6 scale Armed Maid uniform set will come with maid's dress in camouflage pattern, white apron, Petticoat, combat Boots and Headset. NOTE: 1/6 scale head sculpt and 12-inch female figure body is NOT included. Head is from Kumik and body is from Play Toys

Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures. What do you make of this? First MC Toys previewed the Snow Space set which I could certainly used (see previous post) and now this. I'm not sure what one can do with it ;p The 1/6 scale collecting hobby has come to a stage where almost everything goes and there are always new things in 1/6 scale that you can never imagine manufacturers would do or even attempt five to ten years ago.

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