Saturday, September 14, 2013

Preview MC Toys F-029 1/6 scale Snow Space set for Inception Snow Scene 12-inch figures

This MC Toys snow space set looks like its straight out of Inception. They even used a still from the movie in the first picture. This will definitely go well with the 1/6 scale Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb head sculpt I have - see pictures of my kitbash Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb 12-inch figure HERE. Not seen an arctic outfit / uniform set being offered in plain / simple white for a while. Certainly looks promising. Material looks good, nice and thick.

MC TOYS F-029 1/6 scale Snow Space set will come with Snow coat, Snow pants, Snow boots, Gaiters, Chest rig, Pack, Glove, Beanie, Snow goggles, Base layer, Arm sleeve. Other Snow troops released some time ago include the Dragon Models Limited (DML) "Ryan" from 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) posted HERE in 2009, and Hasbro's G.I. Joe 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) Snow Trooper (pictures HERE)

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Wingin' It said...

Hey Alex,

Do you think this would make a conversion to modern military winter camo? I was thinking of attempting a bash.


alex teo said...

Hi Ian

This looks pretty modern in itself. I think adding military accessories would make it more complete as a military figure. Haven't seen any reference photos of a modern arctic / snow warrior.