Friday, February 14, 2014

Pre-order ThreeA (3A) KillZone Hazmat Trooper Sixth Scale Figure - light up eyes & arc cannon

From Killzone wiki:
The Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Troopers are Chairman Stahl's personal bodyguards, clad in powerful armor and carrying the VC5 Arc Rifle as well as the StA-5X experimental weapons. Stahl's forces will stop at nothing to ensure that the ISA attack fails, even if it means exterminating the very prisoners they need for their weapons research.

Hazmat Troopers wear special heavy armor and can survive significantly more damage than any other Helghast soldiers, able to survive more than twice as much damage as elite units like Commandos or Elite Shock Troopers.

This is the upcoming soon-to-be-released ThreeA KillZone Hazmat Trooper Sixth Scale Figure. Figure stands approximately 12.5 inches (31cm) tall and has a Fully pose-able action body inside. It will come with Incredibly detailed costume with both PVC, fabric and plastic material, including Realistic soft rubber hose, cable & metal spring throughout the figure. Detailed clothing also comes with pouches.

The cool factor: Lights up eyes! 2 X AG1 button cell batteries (batteries are not included) plus Interchangeable hands for holding gun which is the StA-5X Arc Cannon with 4 movable pistons when pulled back.

This Figure is Due Out 3rd Quarter of 2014.

This figure follows in the footsteps of the previously previewed R.E.D. Mark X Infames "The Killing Field" Shock Infantry 1/6 scale collectible figure posted in my toy blog HERE. They both look pretty awesome :)

Pre-order this ThreeA (3A) KillZone Hazmat Trooper Sixth Scale Figure with light up eyes and arc cannon from TFH (link HERE)

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