Saturday, February 15, 2014

Have you seen the threeA: Marvel The Invincible Iron Man figures? There are 4 Iron Man in all!

From ThreeA:
Feb 13th will see the release in our ongoing MARVEL line, I'm super excited about this line! Soon we can share Doctor Doom, Ultron, Spidey, Thor and Cap and more! I grew up in Perth Australia, reading Marvel, dreaming of drawing comics for them, so to be able to make our own versions of Marvel characters here at 3A is incredible. Now If only I could make the comics based on the toys, these designs are linked in my mind, a 3A secret war if you will!

The Stark Industries Prototype Single (3AA Members Only), Stealth and the Iron Man Boxed Collection 4-Figure Set are exclusive to Bambaland. As a side note, the shipping version of Stealth Iron Man will have red eyes, not blue like the images show!

Each threeA: Marvel The Invincible Iron Man Figure stands 13.5 inches (34cm) tall, is Fully pose-able with soft PVC material covering both arms and legs. Eyes, chest and both palms light up, 6 x AG1 button cell batteries required (batteries are not included) Estimate shipping date: 3rd quarter 2014. Scroll down to see the pictures. Click on them for bigger and better views :)

Classic - $220
Silver Centurion Single Figure - $220
Bambaland Exclusive - Stealth - $220
Bambaland Exclusive - Stark Industries Prototype (3AA Members Only) - $220

THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN - Boxed Collection 4-Figure Set
Bambaland Exclusive - Boxed Collection 4-Figure Set - $800

*Single Figure version of the Stark Industries Prototype is available to 3AA Members only**
Non-3AA Members can only get the Stark Industries Prototype by purchasing the Boxed Collection 4-Figure Set.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

damn, those ROCK- love the styling, very artfully done!

Kaido said...

They're nice, but worried about the tight suits getting stretched out. I held out, I hope they release these in a 1/12th scale later.

humanbeingill said...

Not for $200+... Stealth looks tough though. I'm interested in seeing the rest of the line,all planned characters sound great, Ultron?! If $200 is going to be the new norm than no way. Surprised they skipped Wolverine!