Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DC Collectibles Reveals It's 2014 Toy Fair Line-Up - Batman The Animated Series and More

DC Collectibles has released press images for it's 2014 New York Toy Fair line-up. DC Collectibles is making figures off the upcoming Son of Batman animated movie and Infinite Crisis video game, but more importantly, they're also resurrecting Batman: The Animated Series for an all-new line of figures.

That's the news they revealed ahead of the NY Toy Fair. Their 2014 line-up includes new figures based on Greg Capullo designs and the Li'l Gotham designs from Dustin Nguyen as well. Scroll down to see the full list of currently planned figures below. Click on the pictures for bigger and better views.

I'm certainly most excited about the new The New Batman Adventures action figures: Batman, Two Face, Mr. Freeze figures as well as Batman: The Animated Series Catwoman action figure. These were the figures that got me started collecting toys (see my earlier post "Humble Beginnings - We all have to start somewhere :) and this is my early start" HERE and check out my very first toy blog post HERE). I've since moved away from carded figures to focus on 1/6 scale figures but once in a while, I still succumb and get myself a Batman action figure that's not 12 inches tall ;p my most recent being Mattel Batman Unlimited "Beware the Batman" 7-inch Batman Action Figure (reviewed HERE) and DC Direct Jim Lee inspired All Star Series 1: Batman 6.75 inches Tall Action Figure posted HERE

DC Collectibles 2014 line-up includes: BATMAN LI’L GOTHAM action figures: Batman, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Robin

Son of Batman action figures: Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Deathstroke; based on character designs by Phil Bourassa

DC Comics Designer Series: Greg Capullo action figures: Batman Thrasher Armor, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Red Hood

Infinite Crisis 6” action figures: Pajama Party Harley Quinn, Atomic Green Lantern, Atomic Poison Ivy, Mecha Wonder Woman, Renaissance Batman

DC Comics The New 52 action figures: Batgirl, Nightwing, Supergirl

DC Comics Cover Girls statues: Katanna, Mera

DC Comics Bombshells statue: Zatanna

Wonder Woman The Art of War statue based on artwork by Yanick Paquette

Wood figures 4”: Batman, Superman

Batman Black and White: “Zombie” Batman statue based on artwork by Neal Adams

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