Monday, February 24, 2014

Incoming: POP TOYS "Loyal guardians" 1/6 scale X11 style series Housekeeper Dress Suit

From Pop Toys:
Before producing "housekeeper dress suit", we wholely upgraded our garment manufacturing process. Dress in the suit made by ultra-thin woolen cloth fabric. Button holes on coat and suit are made according to those on real coats and suits. Pockets and collars of suit are made by no line pressing process, which make the whole clothes a better looking. Suits and coats are high-temperature ironed to finalize the design, the craftsmanship of the shirts and ties is also improvement, to ensure there is no need for players to do after treatment. POPTOYS will continue to pursue 1:6 action figure model's craftsmanship. We will bring more and better works in return for our players.

Note: head and body in the picture are not included.

This suit will have a better look when collocates with HOT TOYS TTM21 narrow-shoulder men's body. Product list: Black coat, Black suit, Black pants, Black vest, Black Belt, White shirt, Black tie, Black shoes.

Now that's a really sharp looking suit!! This one's a keeper for sure :) Scroll down to see the pictures


D7ana said...

Gorgeous fashion, @lex! Thanks for sharing - and I'll be sure to forward this post as well. Something tells me some fashion doll fans will LOVE this set ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, can I ask your opinion on how urgent it is to pre-order this fabulous ensemble? Do you think it will be sold out quickly? I don't want to miss out! :-D. My first comment here, but I always enjoy reading your superb reviews! Greetings from Belgium, Nymphaea

alex teo said...

Hi Nymphaea from Belgium, nice to "meet" you :) I've already pre-ordered mine at TFH (link: and they do ship internationally. This set will not be out until the 2nd quarter (April - June) of 2014

These products are on pre-order which means that the company will only produce the quantities based on the numbers pre-ordered (plus a little bit more) so that the market will not be flooded with the company's products, hence dragging the price down and cost the company money and unwanted leftover goods.

So you can pre-order first with confidence and wait for the product to be released.