Friday, February 28, 2014

What I got in February 2014: SOC GLINT, G.I. Joe Roadblock, Psylocke, Star Wars and more

These were the stuff I got in February: DAM Toys Ghost series No. SF001 1/6 scale Special Operations Center GLINT Team Leader: Ryder Watson 12-inch figure, Hot Toys G.I. Joe Retaliation 1/6th scale Roadblock 12-inch Collectible Figure, MC Toys F-029 1/6 scale Snow Space set for 12-inch figures (all set for the Inception movie Snow Scene), Kotobukiya Marvel Bishoujo collection 1/7th scale X-Force Psylocke 8-inch Statue, "Star Wars: A Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy" book, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson 1/6 scale head sculpt, Christmas card and 2014 calendar from Sideshow Collectibles.

Always enjoy my hauls. Something to look forward to as I enjoy taking pictures and posting them on my toy blog to share with fellow collectors and anyone else who's interested :) Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.

Used to be you'll think that this boxed figure set was from Soldier Story but not anymore. Dam Toys has upped their game and been churning out some very good stuff lately and this is just one of them. Looks to be an awesome figure. Can't wait to put this together :) In the meantime, check out the preview pictures posted earlier HERE

Hot Toys MMS series G.I. Joe Retaliation 1/6th scale Roadblock Collectible Figure simply ROCKS (pun intended). Cannot wait to see the unveiling? Check out the preview pictures HERE

Haven't seen that many all white snow sets in a while and this looked very promising from the preview pictures released (posted in my toy blog HERE) Let's see what we can kitbash with this ;p

Kotobukiya Marvel Bishoujo collection 1/7th scale X-Force Psylocke 8-inch Statue, already reviewed HERE and HERE. I really like this statue and that's saying a lot since I don't collect a lot of statues and this was one of the exceptions.

"Star Wars: A Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy" book with dual light-up light sabers was also reviewed earlier HERE. I was blown away by the pop-ups effects.

Alternate Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson 1/6 scale head sculpt. One of those things that are good to have (for kitbashing)

Christmas card from Sideshow Collectibles. This came as a complete surprise and was totally unexpected. Always nice to receive gifts :) feels like Christmas all over again haha

The Sideshow Collectibles 2014 calendar: Capturing Archetypes – Twenty years of Sideshow Art. Beautifully taken photographs of figures and statues sold by Sideshow Collectibles over the years presented over twelve months of 2014.

Darth Vader is covered in May, perhaps to imply "MAY the Force be with you" since May 4 is Star Wars Day ;p

That's all for now. I will be reviewing the figures featured here in March 2014 even as I look forward to new hauls for the coming months.


Jonathan said...

Hi Alex,

Was wondering where u got the Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) head sculpt from? Am interested to get one myself.

alex teo said...

Hi Jonathan, I got mine from TFH

Kaido said...

Out of this haul, looking most forward to your review of the GLINT Team Leader figure. I cancelled mine recently, but have been wondering about my decision to do so for a while as the figure looks so awesome. Especially awesome, if they launch this into a cool series like Gangster Kingdom!

Digital Desperado said...

Hello,Alex! I´m assembling my Glint Ryder Watson, and so far it looks awesome!I would like to ask you a question: In a little baggie inside the box, there are two sheets, one with 8 quadrangular rubber stickers, and the other with a rectangular sticker.The rubber stickers are for the helmet,right?And the other one is for what?If you could help me out, I´d appreciate it!Thanks!

alex teo said...

Hi, the foam pieces are indeed for the helmet, meant to be stuck inside to raise it up a little if you need (optional). Most times I don't bother unless the helmet sits too far down the head and covers the eyes. Then I stick some foam / sponge under it to raise it up if it helps to make the figure look better ;p

The other rectangular piece is a sticker which functions like 1/6 scale duct tape. Real soldiers sometimes tape up their stuff for a more secure fit because they don't want things coming loose in the middle of an operation. If you notice the picture on the side of the box, you'll see that the rifle magazine is taped down onto his assault vest. Hope this helps. CHEERS and most importantly, enjoy the figure :)

Digital Desperado said...

Thanks for your help! Looking forward to reading your review on this great figure!