Saturday, July 5, 2014

Brother Production Presents "A Good Day to Die Jacky" 1/6 scale Jai Courtney 12-inch figure

A Good Day to Die Hard is a 2013 American action film and the fifth film of the Die Hard film series. The film was directed by John Moore and written by Skip Woods, and starring Bruce Willis as John McClane. The main plot finds McClane travelling to Russia to get his estranged son, Jack, out of prison, but is soon caught in the crossfire of a terrorist plot. Jai Courtney plays John "Jack" McClane, Jr., the only son of the senior McClane and a CIA operative on a mission to deliver Komarov and the supposed file. When casting the role of Jack McClane, the studios considered several actors, including Liam Hemsworth and James Badge Dale, before ultimately settling on Australian actor Jai Courtney.

This will be Brother Production Presents Custom Made 1/6 scale A GOOD DAY TO DIE JACKY Jai Courtney 12-inch action figure. Brother Production had previewed their 1/6 scale "A Good Day To Die Johnny" 12-inch Action Figure in May 2013 (posted in my toy blog HERE) so it looks like this is meant to be a companion piece. As with most of  Brothers Production Presents releases, this production run will be limited to 150 pieces.

Brother Production Presents Custom Made 1/6 scale A GOOD DAY TO DIE JACKY Jai Courtney 12-inch action figure will come with: 2 head sculpts - NORMAL Version and Side looking DAMAGED (Injured Version), 12-inch New Muscular Base body, Military Vest (with zipper), Red t-shirt with Dirty Effect, Real Leather Like Black Jacket (with zipper), Blue Jeans with Dirty Effect, Belt, Military Boots, Smoke Bombs x 3, Knife, Handgun (made of PVC), Holster, AK-47, AKM Machine Gun, Hands x 3 pairs, Watch. Only 150 pieces will be made.

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