Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Incoming: Toys City TC#68003 1/6 scale WWII Red Army Scout Uniform Set for 12-inch figures

Is 2014 unofficially the year of the 1/6 scale Russians for military figures? For so many years, there have been hardly any Russian 12-inch figure being offered and suddenly this year, everyone (well, almost) is offering Russian figures for pre-orders.

There was the DAM toys 1/6 scale Spetsnaz FSB Alpha Group 12-inch Special Operations figure previewed HERE, followed by the Very Cool Toys 1/6 scale Soviet Red Army Female Soldier 12-inch figure (pictures HERE) and most recently KGB Hobby 1/6 scale Russian Special Forces Outfit Sets KGB-001A & KGB-001B (posted HERE) and now, there's this Toys City 1/6 scale WWII Red Army Scout outfit / uniform Set (TC#68003) for 12-inch figures.

Toys City TC#68003 1/6 scale WWII Red Army Scout Uniform Set will come with Camouflage Windproof Smock, M1943 Gymnastiorka Tunic, Sharovari Trousers, Soviet EM Leather Belt, PPsh 43 Sub-Machine Gun, PPSh 41 Stick Magazine Pouch, Leg wrappings, M1938 Leather boots, M1929 Water Bottle, Water Bottle Fabric Cover, M40 Metal Helmet, Commando Beret, Gas Mask Bag, TT-30 Pistol, TT-30 Holster. Note: This outfit set does not include 1/6 scale head sculpt and 12-inch figure body.

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