Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gotta check out Dam Toys 1/6 scale Spetsnaz FSB Vympel 12-inch Special Forces Figure

Spetsgruppa "B" (Cyrillic for V), often referred to as Vympel (pennant in Russian, originated from Dutch wimpel, and having the same meaning), but also known as KGB Directorate "B" , Vega Group is an elite Russian spetsnaz unit under the command of the FSB.

Vympel is the sister unit of Spetsgruppa "A"(Alpha Group), an KGB/FSB unit, specialised in counter-terrorism missions and covert operations. Vympel training is the same as Alpha Group. All Vympel operatives are trained in tactical operations, parachuting, driving various vehicles, trained in methods of intelligence gathering, and other specialized skills.

Vympel (i.e. the Directorate "V" of the TsSN FSB) is still a classified and secretive unit. It took part in Russia's Chechen campaigns and in storming of the Supreme Soviet building during the 1993 Russian constitutional crisis. Little is known about its current operations and activities, the exception being the capture of the Chechen militant leader Salman Raduyev in March 2000 and the assault on the school in Beslan in September 2004.

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Like I mentioned earlier, lots of Russian soldiers being put forward this year and DAM Toys already have two figures being released, this plus the earlier previewed DAM toys 1/6 scale Spetsnaz FSB Alpha Group 12-inch Special Operations figure posted on my toy blog HERE, along with the Very Cool Toys 1/6 scale Soviet Red Army Female Soldier 12-inch figure (pictures HERE) and most recently KGB Hobby 1/6 scale Russian Special Forces Outfit Sets KGB-001A & KGB-001B (posted HERE) and the Toys City 1/6 scale WWII Red Army Scout outfit / uniform Set (TC#68003) for 12-inch figures (link HERE).

Dam Toys Item No.78018 1/6 scale Spetsnaz FSB Vympel 12-inch Special Forces Figure will come with 1/6 scale Head sculpt, Dam Action Body, Tactical Glove Palms X3, Altyn Helmet, Altyn Helmet Visor, Mask (black), Sailor Shirt, Sposn Gorka S Suit, Sposn Gorka S Pants, Belt (black), X-boots Assault Boots (black), Vm Armor Vest (OD), Sposn Partizan Harness Webbing System (OD), Sposn Double Mag Pouch X2 (OD), Aps Pistol Double Mag Pouch (leather), Sposn Mid Pouch (OD), Sposn Buttpack (OD), Sposn Vx Radio Pouch (OD), Vx Radio With Ptt, Vog 25 Pouch (OD) x2, Ko-3 Pistol Holster, Stetchkin Aps Pistol, Pistol Mag X 2 + 1, Aks-74 Assault Rifle (plum Ak-74), Ris Tactical Mount, Ak-74 Mag 4 + 1, Gp-25 Grenade Launcher, Vog25 Grenade x3, Vog25p Grenade x3, Ak47s Hidder, Ak47m Tactical Sling, Ak74 Bayonet, Ak74 Scabbard, Kneepad (black), Sposn Buttockspad

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