Friday, July 11, 2014

Hot Toys RoboCop: 1/6th ED-209 Collectible is already starting to crack at the dome. Be warned!

Hot Toys MMS204 1/6th scale ED-209 Collectible has only been released recently and the dome has already started to crack! This is NO JOKING MATTER. Imagine paying good hard-earned money for something that disintegrates in front of your very eyes and there's nothing you can do about it.

Just sharing something I read and saw on One Shot's message board posted by "T-800" which was shared by George Dixon on facebook:

"After seeing the pics of Aztecas Hot Toys ED209, I went to dust mine off to take some pictures and guess what......THE DOME IS STARTING TO FALL APART!!!! For those that don't know, Hot Toys released a ED209 back in the day. It looked good but the dome would to fall apart. It started by cracking and then it would rot and just fall apart. Now with this new release supposedly they had fix the problem. Well I've had this figure for about maybe 2 months and guess what they didn't fix shit. Sorry to burst anybody's bubble but they need to check their figure now. I put these pictures up on another forum and the people there are going nuts. The good thing is that everybody is contacting sideshow and they are at least trying to fix the problem. But everybody that I've talked to and and friends that I have on Facebook are pretty sure that Hot Toys will not do a damn thing about it. Now for the price of $400 and a little bit more we were expecting this problem to be fixed. Somebody contacted sideshow and it was their advice was to put some sort of plastic sealant on it. I think that's all bullshit. For the money that we put in this figure it should have been fixed and it was everybody's fear that this would happen. Since Hot Toys knew problem with the first release that should have been their number one priority. Now I can forgive the crappy ass voice they put on here since I rarely use it but this dome will make this figure worthless.I don't know if they care, I don't know if they will ever do anything about it which I doubt but like I've always said if you're going to spend the money and these things are not cheap at least give us a figure that won't fall apart in a couple months."

Rubber material has a tendency to crack over time and rubber used on bodies or costumes / outfits tend to cause problems to collectors because somehow the material is not designed to last the test of time but this collectible has only been released recently and already cracks appear.

Scroll down to see all the pictures.
Click on them for bigger and better views.

"These are pictures of the old ED209. You can see how bad the dome starts to rot and look bad." Pictures taken and text all belong to "T-800"

UPDATE July 15, 2014:
These are pictures shared by fellow collector Jim Hayen (THANKS Jim)
"HOLY CRAP I never thought to check the other rubber components. Here is one shot of one leg....and one arm. A new dome isn't going to help this and the rubber isn't stretched. It's just plain cheap crappy rubber. I have barley moved it (and yes he's out of the sun in Air Conditioning)."

"And now a pict of the other arm. I am BARLEY touching this, not stretching or pulling. It's clearly just cheap cheap rubber (and no it's not in the sun....or too hot...)"

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Guess I'll just keep to the NECA Robocop 10-inch tall ED-209 Robot Action Figure (with Sound Effects & Dialogue) - full review and pictures on my toy blog HERE and HERE


desmond said...

Lucky I didn't buy it..Otherwise, curse and swear in the end. This is not acceptable to pay an expensive item with bad quality.

humanbeingill said...

At this point in the game this is absolutely unacceptable ESPECIALLY from Hot Toys for what they charge. I have the Hot Toys Hellboy and Chirs Redfield BOTH with rubber bodies and BOTH are splitting and melting away as we speak.. (depressing) I feel your pain! Hot Toys needs to go back to the lab and solve this and do right by those who support and buy their products (albeit begrudgingly)... Come on Hot Toys!

Unknown said...

That's tough to stomach and royally messed up. That mesh should have been metal on the re-release. Problem f-ing solved. Hot Toys is picking the worst areas to be cheap on materials.

I have a friend who is making good money buying Batman Tumblers with broken axles at 25% off retail and repairing them. He told me that the axles are held with tiny plastic screws only a few centimeters long, no where strong or long enough to withstand the impact of shipping.

@humanbeingill you are right on the money. My Chris Redfield's arms (before I traded him away) were a joke. I posed his arms bent holding his gun and the rubber became stretched at the back of the elbow & the inside part of the rubber that overlapped became tacky. I just swapped bodies but I feel bad for anyone who buys a MIB Redfield on the internet and plans on taking him out of the box. That's money not well spent.

Unknown said...

It's not just the dome ladies and gents...I just checked the arms and legs too. Picts on the Freaks...

alex teo said...

Thanks JIm for sharing the pics.

Ryan said...

Damn. I feared this would happen and it's exactly why I held off on buying this even though I really want to add one to my collection. It's pretty astounding that the deterioration has began so quickly, though.

Clearly, this was little more than a quick cash-grab by Hot Toys. They didn't bother trying to fix anything and even went with cheaper materials! Unbelievable...

I think Hot Toys needs a new slogan.

"Hot Toys - They're only temporary!"

lee said...

I had this on pre-order but I have had to cancel.
Hot Toys should be ashamed of themselves to have let this happen again. Its great that people are standing up and saying something this time.
Maybe someone should take one to SDCC and show Hot Toys rep and people what really happens to one of there figures.

imranbecks said...

So sorry to see this bro... Good thing I skipped on this. Unless they seriously use better rubber which would probably still crack over time, Hot Toys should really stop using rubber parts on their figures. I don't see why a sculpted textured surface for the dome plus black paint would be a problem on this figure. It would work so much better than using rubber and end up cracking and breaking apart.

alex teo said...

I just had to share the pics when I saw them posted. Feel bad for those who ordered this and experience the same thing. Seems Hot Toys should have just gone with the plastic mold to prevent all this from happening again.