Saturday, September 13, 2014

Preview Original Effect (OE) 1/6 Reborn Female Figure Version 3.0 (Standard Pack) "XiaoYao"

I've already gotten the OE (original effect) 1/6 scale killer instinct SAM 13-inch female action figure (posted HERE, HERE and HERE) as well as the Original Effect (OE) Army Attractive series 1/6 Viola 13.5-inch female action figure (reviewed earlier HERE and HERE). I also have comparison pictures HERE of the two female figures, along with other 12-inch gals. I like these gals with their anime / manga head sculpts because they will be evergreen. Realistic head sculpts are nice too but as standards improve over time and the sculptor's sculpting skills get better, the older version head sculpts tend to look less realistic compared to the newer ones, prompting one to keep buying the newer improved versions. A fine example of this is Hot Toys Black Widow figure. Three versions have been produced so far (more will follow as long as she keep appearing in the upcoming Marvel movies). Check out the comparison pictures of Black Widow HERE.

Original Effect (OE) 1/6 scale Reborn Female Figure (Version 3) Contents list: 1/6 scale Female Head Sculpt, Reborn Body, Optional normal hands (1 pair), Optional sword-holding hands (1 pair), Optional gun-holding hands (1 pair), Optional clenching hands (1 pair), Optional modeling hands (1 pair), Feet (spike heel) 1 pair, T-shirt (with Killer Instinct's logo), Underwear

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March 22, 2014 – Incoming: OE (original effect) 1/6 scale Reborn Body Standard Pack Version 2.0 still 13 inches (posted in my toy blog HERE)


Kaido said...

I wonder if you are able to swap onto say Hot Toys Resident Evil Alice figure, to make an anime version of that figure?

alex teo said...

The only problem with OE females are that they have longer legs so most 1/6 pants won't fit. The upper body is pretty much the same as regular female bodies.

Kaido said...

If the heads are swappable, that would be neat. Then perhaps a future release of a red-headed OE beauty could make a cool bishouju style Black Widow.

alex teo said...

Stop putting ideas in my head Kaido LOL