Friday, September 19, 2014

DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom - Side Story - 1/6 scale Saxon 12" figure (CICF 2014 Exclusive)

Side Story: Saxon

The hope was promised with sweet taste, but life cannot escape from the bitter ending.

Saxon earned his position in the early years with several little buddies; the K of Spades was the youngest yet most ambitious one among them. Saxon had a dream of establishing his own kingdom.

Together the buddies snatched smaller gangs and swallowed their turfs; little by little they were getting closer to their dream. But the desire of human beings, driven by their greediness, became a monster; they could hold each other in poor, but not in wealth, till eventually death tore them apart… As the gang was only a few steps away from total success, the K of Spades turned away; Saxon was set up and sentenced for life, his wife and children were killed one by one. A desire devoured by another.

However, Saxon already prepared himself a way of escape; he stashed a batch of gold and diamonds before being locked behind bars. The K of Spades beat and tortured him, sent him enough death threats, but K could not get the answer. Saxon got used to all these, until the day he was diagnosed with cancer. He was getting old and skinny; time deepened the wrinkles on his face like a carving knife.

The K of Spades offered him a deal: getting him out of prison to spend his remaining life peacefully with best medical cares, in exchange for the hiding place of the treasure. Albeit hope always being sweet while promised, human’s fate cannot escape from the bitter ending of death. Saxon knew himself wouldn’t survive too long from his cancer, he did not expect any miracle in his remaining life, he was ready to die in prison. But he still held a faith before his inevitable end: revenge. Revenge on the K of Spades. Revenge on anyone related to K of Spades. Revenge. It is a tattoo on human’s heart, which does not fade and cannot be erased.

He made an appointment with the Diamonds family. This is the last thing he must do before his death...

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DAM TOYS GKS001 Gangsters Kingdom - Side Story - 1/6 scale Saxon 12-inch figure (CICF 2014 Exclusive) will come with 1/6 scale Head sculpt (Nice HS. Reminds me of Ed Harris), 12-inch Action figure body, White shirt, prisoner clothes, Leather shoes, Metal handcuffs, Metal ankle bracelets, Palm  / hands x five (5)

DAM Toys seem to be releasing very different exclusives for each different market. That's fine by me since I'm not a prisoner (pun intended) to my hobby and not a completist either. So you get some and some you don't. So what? Enjoy what you have haha

“Courage and luck” tattooed on Saxon’s right arm and “Beginning and end” tattooed on his left arm.

The art seems to be inspired by Mike Mignola, famous for creating Hellboy and the United States Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD).

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Anonymous said...

Any idea if any are up for online pre order?

sneaky prawn said...

Is there any way to get this besides ebay?

alex teo said...

These won't be out for pre-order as these are limited editions for the CICF 2014 Exhibition and thus Exclusive to that particular toy fair in China.

I don't think there's any other way to get this unless you are in China at the particular toy show and join the queue to buy this figure. After that, it becomes an eBay item at ridiculous prices.

Kaido said...

This being an exclusive totally blows and starting to really turn me off the franchise now.

Because I am a Collector, I want as complete a set as possible. But that means I will be spending almost $600-$700 on the two latest exclusives. JUST. NOT. WORTH. IT.

I am glad you posted this Alex; I was just about to take the plunge on an exclusive Spade J on eBay. Now I am having 2nd thoughts about being a completist on this line.

Dam Toys better rethink their game plan, or they risk losing their loyal support from fans like myself.

alex teo said...

Hey Kaido

I also get turned off with all the exclusives. They are usually priced higher than the regular versions when they are first released and then in the secondary market, the prices just go up like crazy.

I only collect the regular ones that are within my reach and have given up on exclusives a long time ago as they are just not worth the money and hassle but that's just my own personal opinion.

The STGCC Dam Toys Spade J just happened to fall onto my lap which made it hard to ignore but other than that, I rarely go fro exclusives.


sneaky prawn said...

I checked ebay. Secured one for 210 usd. U can still get one for 230-240 with free shipping

Kaido said...

Thanks Sneaky Prawn & Alex.

My passion with this line is strong, and I do want a complete set, so I will try to follow your philosophy and ignore exclusives as best that I can, Alex.

Having said that, I listened to Sneaky Prawn and went onto eBay to secure a tentative preorder. I have no impulse control whatsoever.

Pricing for Spade J is still out of reach however.

I expect we would see another use of the Ed Harris sculpt very soon as a regular release...

Cliff said...

I am a fan of this series but only picked bits and pieces to play mix and match. I am very pleased with the quality and their attention to the details.

BTW, any idea which actor this sculpt is made after please?


alex teo said...

Hi Cliff, it's Ed Harris. His movies include The Rock, The Abyss, The Truman Show etc