Monday, September 22, 2014

POP TOYS 1/6th “The man on the top of food chain” EX001 Wildness Survivor - Jungle version

"Bear" Grylls (born 7 June 1974) is a British adventurer, writer and television presenter. He is widely known for his television series Man vs. Wild (2006-2011), originally titled Born Survivor: Bear Grylls in the United Kingdom. Grylls is also involved in a number of wilderness survival television series in the United Kingdom and the United States.

This will be POP TOYS’ first boxed 1/6 scale action figure — “The man on the top of food chain” — EX001 Wildness Survivor, Jungle version.

In order to guarantee the quality of the product, we take very long time to do research and development. Thank you for all the players’ attention and support during this period of time. Real quick drying waterproof fabric is used to reappear wearing effect of this product; epoxy resin is used to manufacture the pool to reappear the real jungle scene; wood base and inscriptions are added to make the product more valuable. To cope with the image of man stand on the top of the food chain, we choose three kinds of representative “food” — spider, scorpion and salmon as accessories. We really expect that players will like this well-made product.

POP TOYS will release EX series — exquisite boxed action figure. There will be more themes of this series in the future, please expect!

POP TOYS 1/6 scale “The man on the top of food chain” EX001 Wildness Survivor - Jungle version will come with High simulation head sculpt, 12-inch figure Body, Jacket, Pants, Belt, Outdoor backpack, Hands, Climbing boots, Survival machete, Small survival knife, Water Bottle and carrier, Survival bracelet (Hand-woven), Climbing rope, Watch, Skydiving goggles, Branches (with small survival knife), Spider, Scorpion, Salmon, Crocodile skull, Scene platform

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