Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 2014 Haul: Batman, Play Toy 1/6 Villain, Sucker Punch 12" Babydoll and Amber

These were some of my haul in September 2014, besides my STGCC 2014 haul which was also in September (posted earlier HERE). I got the Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive DC Comics 1/6th scale Blue & Gray Batman 12-inch action figure, and the Play Toy 1/6 scale The Villain 12-inch figure which was most probably inspired by Jean-Claude Van Damme's (JCVD) portrayal of international criminal and arms dealer Jean Vilain as seen in "The Expendables 2", which also starred Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Liam Hemsworth, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also part of my haul are the pair of Hot Toys Sucker Punch Babydoll and Amber 12-inch female action figures.

Batman and Vilain are newly released figures whereas Babydoll and Amber were released in 2012. I had missed out on the gals from Zack Snyder's 2011 fantasy action film "Sucker Punch" due to other commitments at the time but chanced upon the pair recently at a much reduced price. It was as good as getting the two figures for the price of one. Now how could I resist that? Sure, Hot Toys never completed the five-member group with Abbie Cornish as Sweet Pea, Jena Malone as Rocket and Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie missing from the line-up but these two gals were certainly up to the mark in terms of sculpting and screen accuracy.

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This is the Sideshow Collectibles DC Comics 1/6th scale Blue & Gray Batman 12-inch action figure which I ordered online and the first figure I got directly from the company. All other Sideshow Collectibles figures thus far have been from The Falcon's Hangar. I wanted this because of the exclusive version which comes with an additional Brawl Damage Portrait. Batman has always been my favorite and this makes it the second Batman figure this month, after the DC Direct Batman Beyond 1:6 Scale Deluxe Collector Figure (see pictures HERE).

Also released this month is the Play Toy P003 1/6 scale The Villain 12-inch figure, who is non other than Jean-Claude Van Damme's (JCVD) as Jean Vilain, international criminal and arms dealer in "The Expendables 2". He will join the other three 1/6 scale cast members of "The Expendables" shortly. Check out my post with group pictures of the 12-inch figures from The Expendables 2 (Barney Ross, Lee Christmas & Gunner Jensen) HERE. This is Play Toy's first male figure, after Bride Killer (previewed HERE) and Purple Girl (pictures HERE)

Hot Toys have been producing some of the finest 12-inch female figures and these two are no different. The female head sculpt is very different from the male ones as the female sculpts have to be softer and less angular, unlike the male heads which can be rough and tough. Even a touch cookie has to look feminine and appealing, otherwise she could be mistaken for a transvestite or a male cross dresser LOL

Like I said, these two were released some time back and I was only too pleased to pick the pair up for much less than the retail price. I was able to get these two for the price of one figure and that makes this deal all the more sweeter. I like the design of the boxes too and am glad that Hot Toys does pay some attention to designing the packaging.

Reviews of these figures to follow real soon :)


humanbeingill said...

Have both Sucker Punch girls when they first dropped. LOVE Baby Doll.... Amber is nice too with a unique outfit, bit of a shelf warmer though.

alex teo said...

It's a shame HT never finished the series. Just three more girls would have been enough.

humanbeingill said...

definitely we need more of Dylan and females the whole crew would have been great and look fantastic together

humanbeingill said...

*Villains and Females